Monday, January 16, 2012

My new lifet (and no, that's not a typo)...

Well, we’re just over 2 weeks into the New Year, so I figured it was about time I pulled up my socks and got back into healthy eating. 

I am an emotional eater.

I have often heard that admitting you have a problem is the first step… Hmm, hasn’t stopped me from continuing to be an emotional eater. Hmph. I guess things to do with emotions aren’t as easily recified as just voicing the problem..  

Anyway, I’m going back on my “diet” (hate that word. really)… A lot of peeps who know me think it is too strict, but it is the only thing that works for me and fast. For some reason I cannot find a balance between eating well and eating terribly- well at least not yet. I plan to.

So, today is DAY ONE of my diet… Arghhh that word again, that’s it, I am forevermore changing it to lifet (geddit? diet = lifet… it’s my lifestyle change hybrid diet).

So, today is LIFET: Day One. 

I had to weigh and measure myself this morning. Not pretty. Fingers crossed some of it is just water weight and will bugger off swiftly. I am pretending I didn’t see the figures. I entered them in to my iPhone app and let the numbers disappear out of my head. If I can, I am going to not weigh again until next Monday… I used to be a daily weigher. 

I wasn’t going to. But I checked my phone and changed my Lily Slim ticker on my sidebar to reflect what I need to lose. Stay Tuned for my next Monday weigh in!! 

The first week loss is always the biggest... Bring on the motivation!!!!

I had my head in the sand for awhile, and then I made a conscious decision that I would start my lifet soon, which made me have too much of my favourite junk foods “one last time.” Funnily enough some of my last chance binge food was a massive let down. I was craving a Nutella Crepe, so I got one on Friday as my afternoon snackaroo… Well, it was terrible. They overcooked the crepe so it was more like a cracker! Grrrrr. I lamented to my mum how PO’d I was and that I would have to start my lifet on Tuesday now, just so I could get my Nutella crepe fix in before I commenced The Change… She talked me out of it. I am grateful. 

Today I woke up hungry. I know it is all in my head though, so I just have to suck it up. I know for a fact I will be hungry, I will have sugar cravings, I will get a headache that won’t budge until I complete detox, I know I will be in a terrible mood, and I know my tummy will rumble like some sort of scary monster from my nightmares. BUT, I have to suck it up. I will suck it up! 

I actually wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked. In my lifet, I have to weigh each meal… But, my food scales are actually still at my old house. I had planned to go to my old house over the weekend to hurry up and get all my stuff out of there (I have been putting it off), but then when I went to go… I had a flat battery in my car! Is that a sign or what?! Well, I took it as a sign and didn’t go. My Uncle is trying to fix my car now. The battery is completely dead and I want to (slash need to) avoid paying for a new one. 

Anyway, my only other food scales are my travel ones at work… I have 2 here actually. I wondered why. I had forgotten.  Now I know. Firstly, my usual scales were out of battery, and the second ones, won’t weigh over 20 grams. It completely cracks it!!! Grrrr. I had to weigh out my 80grams of mushrooms in 10gram increments so I could have my breakfast! Hahaha. I had 1x egg and the mushrooms… By the way 80 grams of mushies is a helluva lot. I used to have yogurt as my breakfast, as it is super quick and easy… but due to a) my local Coles not selling either of the brands I prefer and b) not having my scales at home, I decided to go the egg route at work.  The egg option probably keeps me fuller for longer too.

I am having tuna salad for lunch… I have the salad ingredients- tomato and cucumber. Does that even constitute as a salad?! Haha. I just need to get some extra tuna. I have one 70gram tin, but I need more. I prefer the John West tuna that you don’t have to drain (I have to weigh it drained and I hate the mess), so hopefully the Coles near work has it.

 I also have to drink 2-4 Litres of water, so the bathroom and I will become very well acquainted again. So far, I’ve had nearly 1.2 already and a big mug of Earl Grey and another one of Green tea. 

Oh man, my tummy is rumblinggggggggg.

Oh and another rule of my lifet is that I have to wait 5 hours between meals… Because I ate breakfast at work and due to the whole no-batteries-in-my-scales debacle, I didn’t end up finishing my breakfast until 9.07am (to be precise), so I can’t devour my tuna salad until at least 2.07pm. crap. I can also have crackers (a limited amount) and 2 pieces of fruit (certain fruit)… but if I have “some” I have to wait 2.5 hours until I can have more.  I will hold off as long as I can. (Dammit, I just had some crackers... haha).

Wish me luck!!!



  1. Good on you for getting on top of it!

    Just a question on having to wait 5 hours in between meals - my partner and I have been on a bit of a health-kick to try and lose weight and tone up. Isn't it better to eat more frequently in smaller portions? This kick-starts your metabolism.

    I am terrible - if I told myself I couldn't eat I would just rebel against myself (smart, aren't I?) and eat everything in sight!

    1. Hey Cat!

      The lifet I'm on, is based on the idea that your body burns fat best when it only has to break down one protein at a time... That's why there is a 5 hour wait and only one proetin per meal.

      But I think if you are doing your own thing (ie: not my "diet"), and eating healthy and balanced, then for sure small frequent meals boost your metabolism :)

      For some bizarre reason, I react well to the regime and strictness... Not in any other area of my life though.

  2. Wow! That sounds super strict and tough. I can]t stick to restriction, it makes me wants to break out more. I'm also trying to be more healthier, trying to run a bit, eat healthier. I'm determined to get into a size 7 by end of this year!

    GO US!


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