Monday, January 23, 2012

One week down

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday to you all!!

This morning was my first week weigh-in… Unfortunately, I didn’t lose any more weight from my mid-week update, but it’s not like losing 3 kilos in one week is anything to sniff at!

I also took my measurements, and was super pleased to see that I have lost nearly 1.5 inches off my waist… yeh… INCHES. Ta ta bloat. Good riddance! 
 Funnily enough... I am an apple shape and also use a Pink measuring tape! Thank you, Google images!

I also lost an inch off my hips. Yippy.

I don't think I drank enough water over the weekend, and that may have halted my losses a bit. Say hello to my support team...

This is my adorable Hello Kitty travel mug. I luv it! And also my new Sigg water bottle; a Chrissy present from my Boss. Pretty sweet... He didn't think I'd like it, he said "it was the only one with pink on it"... I really like it!

I went shopping with my Mumsy on Saturday… And I found some pretty good bargains!

I rarely wear dresses, but I am wearing one today. It's actually quite fun. I feel rather ladylike. The print is just so cute… Poppies!! 

The brown is actually much lighter... It's quite sheer.

And it has adorable gathered sleeves. Too cute.

We also went through Kmart to get some basics, and I saw these cute shoes.

I have wide feet (grrrr, I hate them) and can never wear strappy anything… But my Mum pressed me to try the strappy ones on anyway cos I thought they were cute, and they were super comfy. Hopefully I can be brave enough to wear them. I am not that tall, but when I wear heels, I feel like I giant.

My mum is always saying I “look down on my feet” (both literally and figuratively, haha) but she says my feet aren’t as bad as I see them when I look down- and no one else sees them from that angle.  Geez, I hope she wasn't telling me one of those 'Motherly Love' fibs...

Oh I also got my legs waxed for the first time. Ouchies... haha, nah it wasn't that bad, but the Waxist (pretty sure that's the term), said the hairs were too short... I could not imagine trotting around with anything hairer! I wanted them done anyway, but she said some may not have been ripped from the root, but not to shave anymore. I had red dots all over my legs for about 6 hours. And they were very tender!! I like the smoothness though... Hopefully I can bare waiting for the next wax sesh. However long that may be.

Toodles for now!



  1. WELL DONE on losing the inches! I wish I had done those measurements before I went on my exercise regime too, because my scales don't show any results (sadface) but I'm convinced I've lost a little fat and gained some muscle!

    Also, those shoes are adorable. I wanted a pair similar to those, but they sold out before I got them :(

    1. Yeh, it's hard to appreciate how far you've gone, unless you take measurements. I even second guess myself, and think I "must" have done the measurements wrong... But nope, my clothes feel looser.

      I never knew I was into florals... Turns out I am. haha.

      I am sporting the black ones today. I keep looking at my feet. haha.

  2. I love your new dress! It's gorgeous!

    I've never had my legs waxed, I'm too chicken! Sticking with the razor for now! Hehe xx

    1. Thanks Emma! I got a pull in it after work though :( :(

      Not all that noticeable but still... I was sad.


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