Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Benefit Brow Bar, Ted Baker and Winning at Internet Shopping!

Hey Kittens!

Hope you are all well!

Last week as one of my reward for being a good girl in my weight loss quest, I treated myself to a Brow wax/shape at Benefit at Myer Melbourne.

I had been there before as reviewed here, but I figured, hmm, why not review it again! haha.

I went to the city on Thursday afternoon when I had been let out of jail work early. I have been on the hunt for this GORGEOUS Ted Baker make up bag I spotted while browsing some UK blogs... As I approached the city I thought hey! My brows are unruly, why not get the hair ripped out with hot wax as a treat for my weight loss?! haha. Yes, a treat.

I asked the bene-babe (or whatever they refer themselves as) to take a pic of my scary looking eyebrows.
She took the worst pic ever!

The lighting in Myer is scary. I am an oil slick!! And I swear I am not usually that oily looking.

I had to crop the pic as I was mid-sentence when she took the photo... Horrendous!

GAH! Unruly Brows!!! Oil Slick City!!

And after she ripped the hairs out and then filled my brows in... This was the result...

Note my shifty eye.

I think she used too dark a brow powder on me... I have been using the lighter shade of brown myself and it has been much less 'Hey! LOOK! Look at me! I fill in my brows!'

Also in that first "after" pic, can you see the patchy foundation job above my eyebrow ? I got offered a 10 minute makeover, which I totally accepted but ew to the foundation. It looks yellow... And when I got home it looked like I was wearing a mask. There was a very noticeable jaw line. Tsk Tsk. Bad bene-babe!

The bene-babe also used the posie tint on me. I loved it! I had never given it a second look... But the price is outrageous .. It was $50 something dollars. After you have shopped in the US you just can't bring yourself to spend that kind of monies!

That was until she showed me this cute little set...

Yes, yes I am feeling Dandy!

I was ainstantly sold on the adorable-ness of the minis. Then I was told it was on sale as well! I can't remember how much it is usually, but I only paid $40! Pretty good, I reckon!

It comes with a mini posie tint, a mini highbeam, a lip gloss and a blush! Perfect way to test out some items!! I haven't got any of these!

Please look at the cuteness!

So, that was a success... Then I wandered over to David Jones to find my wash bag!

SOLD OUT! &*%^%#$(*^^%#

I noticed there was a cute grey one and was úhmming'and áhhing' over it. It isn't exactly what I want, but, hmmm. Then I noticed it had these weird pink marks on it- like where something else had rubbed against it (probably the hot pink wash bag I actually wanted!)... I thought hmmmm, maybe I can get a discount. *cheesy grin*

I finally found a salesperson, 20 minutes later... and asked if they had any stock of my HOT PINK bag and she said everything they have is on the floor- *sad face*... I asked if she could check another store... Apparently not. I don't believe that, she just didn't want to do it. She was roughly 50 years old and more interested in talking to her co-workers than helping out a customer. That's Aussie retail for you! And they wonder why we shop overseas online... I showed her the marks on the grey one and was offered 20% off. I took it.

This isn't mine, obviously...  FYI, the pink marks are near the zipper and barely noticeable

I still wanted the pink one. In pure desperation, I had also now called DJs at Chaddy and Southland- but still no dice. I also called the Ted Baker store, but there was no answer.

On Sunday I went into the city again- this time with my little nephew- I needed a DAISO fix. So, I dragged him along to the actual Ted Baker store (located in Little Collins) but nope, no stock. I also tried DJs again,, just in case, but nope. haha. Yes, I was desperate.

I eventually gave in and decided to buy it online with DJs. I didn't want to, purely due to the $10 postage (yes, I am that tight- especially after all my efforts thus far)... but after a little bit of web sleuthing I found myself a code for 10% off... Unfortunately it didn't cover the shipping. Nuts.

Then I noticed you get FREE shipping if you spent over $50- of course the bag was $49.95 (can you believe it?!). So, I tried to find the cheapest thing I sorta kinda wanted... and nearly settled on an OPI nail file for $3.95, but honestly... I just don't need one.

I finally settled on a small bottle of Kiehls Creme de Corps for $15... Which, in the end, was essentially free! With my 10% discount and now the free shipping it came out the same as if I hadn't bought the creme at all! Muhahahahaha! I won that round DJs! Suckers!!

So, this beautiful pink bag is on it's way to me!!!! Yay!!! I bought it yesterday afternoon and got a dispatch notice this morning! Yay!

Look at that pink!!! I think mine is the smaller version  Same as the grey. But it is a great size! I have all my essentials in the grey now and there is room for more!

* My 5 week weigh in is tomorrow!



  1. I think your brows look great!
    Oh my $50 for the poise tint? I actually have it but bought it in Dubai.. I tink it was around $29 though!! It definitely is easy to use though.

    Good luck with your 5 week weigh in!

    1. Yes, see $29 for the posie tint is do-able. $51? Not so much!

      Thanks for the luck :D


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