Wednesday, March 13, 2013

♡ Week Four Results

Hey Kittens!

I hope you are all well!

I am totally reneging on my promise not to bombard you with weight loss malarkey .. here I am, fourth post in a row, talkin' about my weight loss venture!

But first of all let me say...
Hallelujah the heat wave in Melbourne is OVER.

I suffered big time. Damn you heat + sweat that equals hot, sweaty rashes! YUCK.

Firstly, and most horrifically, I have a heat rash in a really unfortunate area! (my groin). It is so so SO uncomfy. And as if that wasn't bad enough, on the weekend I used my newly acquired epilator on my underarms. ZOMG. Big mistake!!!

At first everything was fine and I was really happy and impressed with the results, I was even planning to sing its' praises on my wee little blog... Then came the burning. OMG, the burning. Well... 4 days later and I am still burning with the most disgusting rashy welts that are extremely painful. I feel like if maybe I had done it on a 'normal' weekend and not in the midst of a heatwave I would have been okay... but oh my Gosh. The worst!

{side note: I used the epilator on my legs and it's awesome, didn't hurt anywhere near as much as I thought it would}

So, in short, I am a walking rash. A painful walking rash. Ohhh and my thigh chafing has decided to rear its' ugly head. I'll tell you, if this isn't a good reason to NEVER be overweight (severely obese, really), then I don't know what is! Besides the serious health issues as well... hehe. Good Grief!

Anyway, I have been trying to treat my rashes... by keeping the areas dry, but in 37 degree heat. it's pretty hard! Especially when the morning bus drivers don't seem to like turning on the air-con and I am literally saturated before I even get to work!! I read online to keep my underarms moisturised after epilating, which I dutifully adhered to (the internets never lie, derr)... but, um, yeh, I think that's where I went wrong and why I am suffering big time right now. I am now throwing anti chaf powder around like it's confetti.

So, in short. I. AM. UNCOMFORTABLE.

Anyway... enough about me and my heat induced rash and onto my fourth week results.

I will say, these four weeks has gone by really quickly. At the beginning I was really disheartened by how long my journey (Gosh, I hate that word, thank you biggest loser*) was going to be, but it's just gotta be done. I got myself into this mess, so now I have to suffer the consequence- harsh, but true. The diet isn't really suffering per se, but it does have many challenges.

On to the results. I am shocked at my results this week. I was really expecting a crappy week, as I have a) had good losses in the past 3 weeks and b) it is Thomas Time. Surprisingly, I managed to lose 1.9 kilos. That's a grande totale of 9 kilos in 4 weeks (28 days!).

On another note, my Cotton On order came really quickly! Within 2 days actually. I love when online shopping gets to you quickly. Nothing worse than waiting. I LOL'd at Krissy saying the shorts were 'EW' (note the caps). When I looked at them again I was like 'sh!t, are they?!'... When I got them in my hands I came to this conclusion... yes, yes I believe they are! hahaha. The leggings on the other hand are pretty damn good (especially the other pair I didn't actually show on the blog, they are available in store, apparently!).

Another purchase I made was on the eBay (my parents call it 'the eBay')... I got a Juicy Couture tracksuit and an another pair of track pants (2 separate Auctions, same seller). They have 'New York' written on them, which is why I wanted them. When I was in NYC, I stumbled into the Juicy Couture store on 5th Ave, but noticed my sister and brother were completely bored, so I pretended I was finished looking (I so wasn't, I was only in there for 10 mins, max). I was really peeved I didn't get a chance to go back on my own and even more bummed I didn't buy anything when I had the chance. So, these pants were perfect and I plan to fib and say I got them in NYC. They are a New York exclusive afterall. Yay. And they were only $30, double yay! Oh oh and the bestest of best bits... All the pieces are genuine! haha.

I also bought myself a Juicy Couture iPad case for my Samsung Galaxy Tab. Nowhere has CUTE galaxy tab cases! I have a pink one I bought from an Asian store in the city, but it's too bulky and it shows marks easily. The Juicy one is an envelope style carrier in steel grey (and looks black), with a gold turn lock. I haven't received it yet, but it looks fancy!

That's all folks!

(Yay for the cool change!)


* I am excited for the biggest loser to start this Sunday. Oh yes I am.


  1. Lol yay shoutout to meee! So you reckon the shorts are fug, now that you've seen them in person? :p

    Omg how bad has the heat been...I love hot weather but not when I've also sweated it out before I even get to work! And I know all about thigh chafing! I keep a mini bottle of baby powder with me to soothe it. It feels so weird to wear pants today though!

    Good on ya with losing the 1.9kg!

    I love juicy couture too...I went to their outlet store in las vegas and spent ages in there trying to figure out what I wanted and i ended up not getting anything :( But its good to know you got JC stuff on ebay for cheap though!

    1. Yeh, I saw the shorts and now I'm not so sure!

      I'll see how I feel when I can actually wear them.

      Yay for Juicy!


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