Wednesday, March 27, 2013

♡ Week Six Results

Hi Guys…

Just a quick post today. It’s my 6th week weigh in and it wasn’t too great. Nuts.

I have stayed the same for nearly a whole week. 6 days to be precise. According to the weight loss prophesies I foresee a big loss when I weigh in tomorrow. I have no idea why this keeps happening. I seem to lose the day after my weigh in. haha

I weigh 1.1 kilos less than last week. Taking my total lost to 11.5 kilos in 6 weeks. I am still only 23% of the way through my ‘journey’ though.

I have to attend a funeral tomorrow. *sigh

A friend of mine, who is the brother of one of my besties, took his own life last week. As you can imagine this has been incredibly shocking and I don’t think it has really even hit me yet. Not until tomorrow, I’m sure.

I have one black dress that fits and still haven’t found it yet. I am procrastinating on the looking front but I need to find it tonight or I will be in big trouble tomorrow! I also need to wash my hair tonight and do all sorts of things. I worry over the little things that no one will even notice. It must make me feel in control to preoccupy my mind with them. Like, I want to wash and ‘do my hair and I feel like I ‘need’ to have my nails painted. I have been thinking of a nice grey colour, but does it even matter?! No.

I am also worried that I haven’t been doing a good job comforting my friend. I am terrible at it. The friend who had lost contact with her went to her house yesterday and stayed till the evening. What have I done? Nothing- well one call and some messages and emails. Hmm, maybe it is okay that I leave the comforting to the ones who can handle it. Plus I am sure she is being bombarded with messages and calls left right and centre.

This whole situation has also brought to mind that life is too short. I had to tell one of my friends about the death and I found that really hard. For the obvious reason and also that we have been ‘estranged’ for quick awhile (years). Since I told her, we have made massive strides in our relationship and I think a bridge may even have been mended. If there can even be a silver lining, this could be it.

It has also made me think of my ‘thing’ between me and my Dad. I still haven’t spoken to him. He reached out and I ignored his calls, then he sent me a message saying to contact him when I was ready but also that he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. So, I don’t know… Bottom line, I’m not ready to talk to him about it all and I’ve had other things on my mind.

Anyway, so that’s what’s happening in my world at the moment.




  1. Sorry to hear about your friend! Thats so sad. I'm also not very good at comforting people, so you're not the only one! I tend to keep my distance from people who have lost a loved one because I really just don't know what to do/say.. :(

  2. Great post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
    let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa


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