Wednesday, March 20, 2013

♡ Week Five Results

Hey Guys!

Hope you are all fine and dandy. I am pretty good, in case you were wondering! haha.

So, today was my 5 week weigh in.

UNFORTUNATELY my weight loss for the week is sorta ‘left over’ from last week! What do I mean by that? Well, I have weighed the exact same amount for 5 or 6 days straight! Exactly the same! Not 100 gram difference on any day! Quite frustrating!

But anyway, this week I managed 1.4 kilos. Taking my total lost to 10.4 kilos. Pretty good for 5 weeks… and even better for 4 weeks and 1 or 2 days! Haha.

I purchased some cute as pie OTK boots (Over the Knee) on the eBay and I got them yesterday… as they were getting sent I thought hmm I might check the measurements. The seller had given the measurement for the bit that supposedly goes over your knee, I had a sneaking suspicion the thigh bit wouldn't fit, well not at the moment anyway… Eek, no way, not a chance!! I need to lose like 10 something cms there for it fit over my knee (EEEEK) and even then I actually want it to be a little loose. I am still 100% happy with my purchase though! They are everything I want in a boot (OTK, Black, Quilting, Buckles, wedge or flat, round toe, JUICY!)! They retail for US$249 (and $349 at David Jones!) and I got them for $99!! Bargainous!

Juicy OTK Wedge Boots!

I have wanted over the knee boots since I went to Canada, however long ago that was- I just checked, it was February 2010! All the chic ladies were wearing them, and I wanted to be chic too! Haha.

I bought a pair but they finally disintegrated last year (I still have them of course… haha, such a hoarder!). They weren't super expensive… Maybe $50, so they definitely weren't quality material. These new ones are though! Waxy suede- whatever that means! My Mum says it means water should run right off them. Hope so! I never wanted anything that was too high, or a stiletto heel (screams ‘street walker’) but the wedges are really comfy (I squeezed my leg into them to test if the shoe part fit) and I could actually walk in them and they felt very comfortable and supported. I have wide and fat feet so that is a big accomplishment! I couldn't even get the thigh bit over my calves though! Oh Lordy! Anyhoo… These will be perfect come winter. And super cute with my ‘leather-look’ leggings! Dontcha think??

Oh and back to my weigh in… I also take my measurements weekly and I quickly punch the deets into my phone and don’t even think about them. Afterwards, I am supposed to transcribe them into my journal and compare them to the week before. I haven’t done it now for 2 weigh ins! Naughty! I might sit down and do it now. Maybe I've been losing inches, wouldn't that be nice?!

That’s it from me! Speak to you all soon!



  1. Love the boots! I think I wanted some over the knee boots last winter but tried on so many and couldnt decide and got really picky! But I have skinny calves and knees (thanks for the genetics, mum!) so I think those ones you bought would suit me!

    Congrats on losing the 1.4kg this week! Every bit of weight loss is always exciting!

    1. PS. I don't know if I've asked you before, but whereabouts bayside do you live?! I live in bayside too. Its always exciting when I see Melbourne bloggers in the same area as me haha

    2. Yep, we have discussed this before... I lived in Beaumaris before so we were totally neighbours I think. Now I live in Port Melbourne.

      I used to have skinny legs!! Gah!!! That's why I wasn't too fussed about the boots not fitting, cos I know they will soon enough. You should keep your eye out on eBay... They are the Juicy Couture Eldora boots. :)


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