Friday, May 27, 2011

Been raining on my parade...

I was absolutely floating on air on Wednesday when I weighed in and discovered I was in the normal BMI catty... but of course it didn't last and my parade was rained on. *sigh

I mentioned earlier about my family friend/old baby sitter, Shorty, who is in hospital... well, he is not recovering too well. Still very confused, afraid and yellow... and I haven't been to visit for 2 days! The last time I went was horrible... It left me really emotionally drained and physically exhausted too.

I am visiting him tonight. Hopefully he recognises me, cos I am not too sure if he knew who I was last time. :(

I also got more bad news... My mum called to say that my God Mother had been diagnosed with Cancer. Again. She had throat cancer and now they have found cancer in her lungs... It is being biopsied. Apparently they wont treat it if it is the same cancer that was in her throat, as it means it has spread... but if it is new one, they will begin treating it.


I so need the weekend. Now.


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