Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hello, hello, lovelies! 

Woah, let it be known I actually did wash my hair on Friday, as I had planned, but by the time I did so, it was late at night and I really couldn’t be trashed taking any photos, or even using the Milkshake Sugar Frosting supposed regrowth disguiser at all! But my rootage didn’t look as bad as I imagined, so I do still plan to give the Milkshake Sugar Frosting a good trial! 

I have a hair appointment on Thursday after workies, and I desperately need to wash my hair prior to that and that will be my very last moment to put the Milkshake Sugar Frosting to the ultimate regrowth test! Lol. Then I can trial it again with a smaller amount of regrowth after Thursday.

The last few days have been pretty drama-filled. My nephew’s half-brother, who is approaching 18, had a melt-down and went pretty nutso’s… Like crazy nuts for no good reason (he got a knife involved?! Wtf?). He got violent towards his Dad, which isn’t the smartest idea, as his Dad is a big strong guy and hadn’t even been antagonising him (which is something he is usually guilty of) and has done nothing but be pretty damn good to him. It was ridiculous… He then went on to run to his Mummy’s (who had previously booted him out), who he told big-fat lies to, and tried to blame it all on his Dad, telling her that they should call the cops on him,! Luckily my sister was there to tell her that he was the one lying and that was not what happened! He needs a good kick up the you-know-where! He needed a few good spankings in his younger years...But it’s probably too late for that now.

Then another drama, my old childhood babysitter/best friend was admitted to hospital (he is 75)… He isn’t doing too badly now, but he is delirious, agitated, scarily skinny and yellow- literally- due to jaundice and his body being unable to expel toxins. He is also really frightened, which is very sad to see, but the Doctors and Nurses looking after him are being very patient and they have been fantastic at explaining what is going on to me.

I was told he will continue to be quite confused for a few more days, while his body recovers from an operation to help him with the toxin-build-up, so fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

I am lucky I work in Prahran and he was admitted to The Alfred Hospital, so I am able to go visit him every day- which I will endeavour to do, his face lights up when he sees a familiar face and the last thing I want is for him to think I have forgotten him! Friday was the first night I went to visit him and he didn’t look too bad, but he was trying to tie up loose ends and like say ‘goodbye’ to me… And whenever someone came in to administer medication he would mutter ‘it’s too late, it’s too late’. Truth be told, he looks worse off now, and I was in tears seeing him over the weekend- he looked like he was getting worse, not better! I am hoping he is feeling more settled today and allows his body time to recover. He looks very stressed and hasn't slept in days- he thinks the Nurses are "after him," and he barely eats, as he thinks he is being poisioned.

Get well soon, Shorty! xoxo



  1. awwww that makes me sad reading about your old friend! poor guy. i hope he gets better soon :)

  2. Thanks Krissy... He hasn't made much progress yet :(

  3. btw! i just realised i did get your email but i forgot to add you. im adding you right now :)


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