Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weigh-in and Confession Time...


My last diet related post, was my 12th week weigh-in, which was 2 weeks ago and I weighed in at 73.2 kgs.

That next weekend, however, was Mother's Day... and I decided to take the day off, so I could enjoy lunch with my fams- which included my mum, sister (who is a mum), my brother, sister-in-law-ish (also a mum), her mum (obviously also a mum, haha), my nephews, baby niece and Uncle.

I don't exactly regret the decision to take the 'day' off, but I do question why a 'day' off turned into a 3 day bender?!!!

It started the eve of Mother's Day, when in anticipation of my day off, I asked myself 'why wait?' and devoured some chocolate right before bed. Unnecessary!... I felt instantly guilty, didn't even enjoy the chocolate and just shouldn't have even done it. FAIL.

Fast forward to Mother's Day lunch- I definitely enjoyed myself food-wise. The spread on offer was a BBQ, bread, heaps of carb-filled "salads"-think potato, pasta and even one with bacon, we had a cheese platter with crackers, vanilla puddings, and a delicious cake to top it off. I indulged in a bit of everything! I also treated myself to a cappuccino (milk is off the menu during my 'diet).

 Mmmm, the cake!

I can't remember what I had for dinner, chances are I was still full from lunch... but that night, right before bed, I finished off every-single-chocolate I could find. Including mini chocolate bars from a Cadbury Christmas stocking and left over Easter Eggs. Why oh why???

Then come Monday, it was tricky getting back into the swing of my diet. I cheated that day and bought a roast chicken from Coles to have with my salad… instead of facing a can of tuna. I took off all the skin and only ate the breast- even weighed it as if I had made it myself, but I know that pre-made chicken is OFF the menu as I have no control over what goes in it. It tasted so yum and succulent, it must have been soaked in oil. The nutritional panel on the chook said it was 8% fat, which I didn’t think sounded too bad- especially seeing as I was going to remove the skin, which was torture btw, but anyway, it is not part of my plan!

So, since then I have been trying to stick to my plan, but I only lost a few hundred grams in the week that included my binge-fest, and decided not to update until I was back on track!

Yesterday was my 14th week weigh-in… and I came in at 71.7, so a loss of 1.7 kgs (but over 2 weeks). My weekly losing average is still 1.2 kgs, but I was hoping to maintain my 1.3 streak *sigh

Oh well, only 1.5kgs till I hit normal BMI status, 5ish kgs till I reach 66 (my lowest remembered weight ever), and who knows where I will go from there!

I am happy to say, I am completely over my guilt inducing binge-fest… The bridge has been well and truly built and even though I did suffer from some detox symptoms I am, thankfully, over them now and back on track!

Here is a peek at my weight-loss ticker, which I also just added as a widget... CUTE!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers



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