Thursday, May 19, 2011

Milkshake Sugar Frosting... Update


I just wanted to do a little update about Milkshake Sugar Frosting that I received last Thursday after workies, as I predicted.

I had somewhat of a busy weekend and didn't get a chance to really give it a good test drive, but my initial thoughts are: expensive dry shampoo, that doesn't do much besides add a sweet scent.

Hopefully my first impressions are proved wrong.

Like I said in my initial post, the rootage aspect of my hair is pretty impressive at the mo', so it is fair to say that the Milkshake Sugar Frosting had its' work cut out, but I really didn't see any concealment of my dark roots at all. Perhaps the powder is more suitable to blondes whose roots aren't as dark as mine- not that mine are actually that dark. I am probably a medium brown.

I will say that the scent is delicious... My hair smelt like an edible sweet vanilla cupcake! Even my BF noticed and commented! Application is also easy- though I am unsure how much product to actually use. It just says "a little goes a long way" and that is all as far as directions go! I sprinkled it quite tentatively onto my roots and used the little brush to spread it through- didn't notice much of a change, maybe a slight duller look of my dark roots but the scent is quite strong but not over-powering in any way at all. I didn't pay full RRP for the product, so if it turns out to be a fancy smelling dry shampoo type-of-thing I won't be too disappointed, but the prospect of being able to cover regrowth is very appealing. I want this product to work!

I don't wash my hair too often- twice a week maximum, so I want to give this stuff another try right after I have washed it and see if I notice any root concealment! I am due to wash my hair tonight... whether or not that will actually happen, is in question. LOL/ew. If I manage to, I will totes update, with photos!

Wishing you all a Sweet Day!


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