Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm normal, I'm normal!

Hello Hello!

I had my 15th week weigh in this morning and guess what?! I am officially NORMAL!!!


I weighed in at 70.4, so a loss of 1.3kilos since last Wednesday... I must admit I was hoping for a bigger loss, but I am very relieved to be in the normal BMI category, even if it is a 'scrape in'... My BMI is 24.9- the very last number in the normal BMI catty.


Taken from this BMI calc.

"I'm normal, I'm normal, I'm normal!" she sings, as she sashays away...


P.S: My height is debatable... I have always known myself to be 169cms... I remember being measured at 169 at a school health check in like year 10 and I had a giggle at 6.9 (hehe), but when I began my diet I was measured at the clinic (who supplied me with the diet) and was measured as 168.. um, nah-uh!! I proceeded to get my mum to measure me and she too got 168 :( UNFAIR! And I still don't really buy it! I blame the carpet at both the clinic and my mums'... perhaps I sunk into both by exactly 1cm, hehe. It's that or I shrunk! Maybe my posture just sucks... but I was really trying to stretch taller when my mum was measuring me... Anyway, if I am in fact 169, my BMI would be 24.6 (bona fide normal BMI *insert cheesy grin*)

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