Friday, February 3, 2012

3rd February, 2012

Hey Peeps,

As you may recall, I had a Dentist appointment on Monday night after workies...

I was scared. I am not a fan. Sorry to all the Dentists out there, but I'm just not. I had a bad experience when I was in primary school... Think blood splurting out, which may or may not have been exaggerated by my 12 year old self, but none the less, my memory of it is nightmare material! So much so that I stopped going for 12 years!!!

Anyway, I was booked in for a filling on Monday... It wasn't that I had any tooth pain at all, but when I went for a check-up and clean 3 months ago, I was told I needed one. I kept post-poning it, but Monday was the night.

Long story short... Since Monday I have had pain! What gives?! No pain before though.

Firstly I needed 2 jabs- because I didn't go numb right away and then even though it was supposed to be fast wearing anaesthetic, I was numb from the front of my mouth to my ear until 11:30pm (that's 4 hours since the injections). I waited as long as possible to eat my dinner... But I was starving by then! And I think I bit my lip and may have bitten my cheeky innards! *sad face*

I'm finally not wincing every time I chew or move my mouth in any way as of today...

I have not been a happy Camper. Also, cos a workmate said I probably have a damaged/dying nerve and need a root canal?! WTF! Even the dentist said it was a small job. I was in and out of my appointment in 30mins, and that includes;
one jab... wait, wait, wait... Another jab... wait, wait, wait... *squeeze my eyes closed*... drill, drill... and done.

Anyway, I feel fine now, but if I had to go back... I'd cry.

In happier news, I am getting the keys to a GYM tomorrow (Godmothers' appartment gym) and also I have a pilates class at 1pm. Eeeek. cancelled it. me=lazy



  1. I totally feel with you ^^ I hate going to the dentist!!!!!! My teeth are horrible to begin with and I also had a bad experience when I was small (I had a horror dentist that came right out of a nightmare just to hurt me!!), so I definitely definitely definitely know how you feel!!

    Hope you feel better by now and hope you don't have to go there anytime soon!



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