Monday, February 6, 2012

week three: Love / Hate

Loving my weigh in this morning… Nice pep up cure to Mondayitis.

Loving that I lost 1.1 kilos this week, taking my 3 week weight loss total to 5.2kgs!

Loving that eating well means feeling great.

Loving my cute new pastel coloured polka dotted dinnerware. Making meal times seem fun! Pics to come.

Loving that the simple task of cutting up an apple, makes it seem oh so much bigger.

Loving stationary. I am addicted. Always will be…

Hating that I found a stationary supplier that stocks all my favourite Korean goodies… at reasonable prices. I predict a splurge. 

Hating that I have to wait for a Pinterest invitation!

Loving going to the cinema with the BF. 

Loving the use of $7.50 movie vouchers acquired a few weeks ago. Yay for 90’s movies prices!!

Hating that my water bottle had been leaking throughout the entire movie in my bag.

Loving that it was only water.

Hating that water can and will stain my “water and stain repellent” leather bag. Waaah.
upside down bag shot

Loving that I found my leather conditioner, which cleans and nourishes. I knew I had seen it in my mess of a room. somewhere

Loving that it actually worked. 2 treatments done, 1 more and my bag will be back to its' former glory!

Hating the thought of spending $3.50each for 3 mangoes on the weekend to find that they are bruised and smooshy.

Loving that I found 2 for $1.99 at my local-to-work grocer.

Hating the thought of lugging 4 mangoes home… On public transport. Dread. 

Hating that the sparkle of PT is wearing off already. My buses have been late like crazy! Last Thursday and Friday I didn’t get home until after 6… Over an hour travel time! Driving home only takes 15minutes! Unfair.

Loving that I found the Pinterest app for my iPhone to keep my amused while I wait for the bus.

Hating that it’s slightly buggy when you aren’t member.

Loving that I got my Pinterest invitation on Sunday. Yay. The app now loves me! (I have not pinned anything yet)

Loving that my baby boy, Smokey, loves his 10th Birthday present and how as I was assembling it he was already swiping at the ball… Then the moment I put it on the floor *scratch, scratch, Scratch* ”Finally! I’ve been waiting for this!” *scratch, scratch, scratch* Last night I caught him asleep on it! Nawww.

I could have gone on forever with this format!

Toodles Noodles!



  1. You're doing so great with the weight loss!

    This format was cute. And I love that the loves seem to outweigh the hates! :) x

  2. haha i love this post esp the part about a pintrest invite..I went to sign up and then realised..what the!


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