Monday, February 27, 2012

♡ Week Six ♡ ~ Perseverance pays off!

Hey Lovelies,

I somehow managed to confuse myself for my last weigh-in post. I wrongly titled it week three and four, yet had the correct content, which said week four and five! Way to confuse myself!

I might just do a re-cap, mainly for my own benefit:

Le Ultimate Goal= lose 14.2 kilos

Initial weigh-in 16th Jan: (start) 14.2kgs to go
Week One 23rd Jan: (3kg) 11.2kgs to go
Week Two 30th Jan: (1.1kgs) 10.1kgs to go
Week Three 6th Feb: (1.1kgs) 9kgs to go
Week Four 13th Feb:  (0.7kgs) 8.3 kgs to go
Week Five 20th Feb: + 0.5kgs (arghhhh!) 8.8 kgs to go

Ahh, hoorah for cohesiveness!

So, yes, in the past 2 weeks, I have felt like I was going at a snails’ pace… and that is N.O fun!

Luckily this week caught me back up a bit, or I was going to have to change my tactics!!

So without further ado, I bring you my sixth week weigh in results…

2.1 kgs 

Leaving 6.7kilos to go. Eeek, still a way to go. Boo and then hiss!! I am feeling good though, thankfully.

I finally washed my hair yesterday and while it was quite easy being short and all, it was also like 32degrees and I saw little point in blow drying it, so I thought I'd tempt fate and let my hair dry on its' own (albeit with some product), well it wasn't all that crash hot, and I did in fact take my Vidal Sasson Big Hair styler to it, once the temp cooled down a little.

Fast forward to this morning and the lovely Melbourne Deluge that rained down upon us, I was literally like a drenched rat AND I totally ruined my favourite umbrella!!!! Damn you gale force winds *sad crying face + pouty face too*

Ruining my brolly means I have to go to back to one of my newest favouritiest shoppes in the Name of All That is Cute, Duchess! at either Melbourne Central  or Footscray, (mate). But what to do in regards to being rain proof, until then??! That. I do not know! Eeek. I could still use my brolly, I 'spose. It's not totally wrecked, just a little bent out of shape!

I had a little date night with the BF last night. We saw The Grey at the Glen. I didn't mind the movie, it had some scary moments- one of which I nearly left some 'Help! I'm Terrified' claw nail marks on my BF. Ooops! Was not a fan of the ending though.

Ciao for now!!



  1. Nice work! That's a great result :-)

    Today's Melbourne weather is giving me a very bad hair day too!!

    1. Thanks Emma. It has lasted too... I thought the next day I would have gained some... ie: that is was just a good weigh-day, but no... ALL REAL BABY!

  2. OMG OVER 7KGS IN 6WEEKS! That is huuugggeeeeee! I only dream of things like that.

    1. Haha, thanks :)

      I so need to get these KGS off, they're weighing me down! LOLS.


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