Wednesday, February 22, 2012

♡ Lazy blogger; week four and five results ♡

Well hello there, Strangers!

To update a bit on my last post and what’s happened since… 

Weight loss;
Well, if I thought my weigh in last week was disappointing, than this latest one was devastating!! Dramatic? Yes. Haha. Seriously though, I put on weight. What the truck?! Now, that’s rude. The thing is, I weighed myself the day before and had lost 1.3kilos for the week, then miraculously weighed an extra 1.7kgs the next morning?? Hey now! C’mon!! *ultimate sad face*

I do know that it is impossible for me to have really gained that much overnight… so, something’s up. I have been having some lady issues of late, but let’s not discuss that! Haha. So, I am assuming that is the issue. None the less, I was and still am disappointed- especially considering this situation hasn’t improved.

In summary, last week (my 4th week weigh in) I lost 600 grams and this week (5th week weigh in) I put on 400 grams. Making my 5 week weigh in total only 5.4kilos. 

That’s B + S. 

I started the plan on 16th January, so I have been on le diet for 36 days. Feels like so much longer!

If it doesn’t improve next weigh in, I may have to change tactics!

As I noted, I started the C25K program and started my 3rd week last night. Ay, caramba!! It was slightly hard last night… I went from running a maximum of 90secs a pop, to 3 mins. Oh Lordy, was I counting down the seconds! 

I actually had a massive headache on Monday- the type that could turn migrainic (not exactly a real word) at a moment’s notice, so I am quite proud that once I felt somewhat better I hauled my butt to le gym. Proud!

Let it be known, my recent spurt of exercise may be causing my weight to halt and that headache I had, which no doubt coincides with my lady issues (which shall not be discussed *wink*) may also have contributed. (so, like I mentioned above if I don’t see an improvement next week, my tactical change may be to increase my food.)

I must say though I feel skinnier and best best best of all, healthier and fitter! I also feel like I am losing pudge differently around my mid-section! As an apple shape, this is paramount to my body shape. I have a secret weapon too… Purchased from the lovely Amazon (linky), I introduce to you my pretty purple, Danksin waist trimmer. 


 What Amazon say:
Fit n' Trim... Our smart waist trimmer belt with comfortable fastener tape closure for an easy, adjustable fit is designed to preserve body heat, promote water loss and provide extra back support during exercise. Quality neoprene construction makes it comfortable, lightweight, durable, and virtually care-free. A great addition to your fitness gear!
Sounds gimmicky, no? Well, I swear I have noticed a difference and I sweat like a mothertrucker around my waist when I wear it and I forgot to bring it to le gym one time and there was a notable difference. I like to sweat. I like to make my fat cry!!

Unfortunately I may lose my gym privileges!! Not 100% sure on that, but I really hope not. Still not brave enough to venture outside. 

Source: Amazon & Tumblr



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