Friday, February 24, 2012

Me? Versatile? Why Thank You!

Thanks Kim from Aquarian Woman for the award *cheesy grin*

The rules of the award are as follows:

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3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
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So, 7 random facts… Hmmm

    1. I am a TV addict. I watch way too much and the Trashiest of Trash. I watch a pretty big range of genres but anything “reality” based- I’ve watched them all. I cannot stand to be without my Foxtel IQ. Since living with my Mumsy I have started watching more learned programs, and even channels like *gasp* ABC & SBS! Hahaha. And things with subtitles! I used to rarely stray from Channel 10 as a general rule, and would IQ all my Foxtel favourites to watch on the weekend, but I barely watch 10 anymore, not really by choice, but it’s not my mums’ cup of tea.

    2. I really want a Nespresso Capsule machine, but thought that like most things I buy, I would end up not using it, thus making it a big fat waste of moolah. As a trial I got myself the Aldi knock off… and, um, I really like it! Haha. Not sure if I’ll even graduate to the Nespresso yet, as I can’t even enjoy milk in my coffee at the mo’ anyway (due to the diet). And only $79 for the Aldi Expressi I am super impressed!! I'll take a pic tonight and add it here. I have the Red Limited Edition (for Valentine's Day)- I also had the black put swapped it for the red instead. I've been a fan since Christmas Eve when I secured one, finally. They are in high demand!

    3. I went to 3 Primary schools (2 in Melbourne, 1 in QLD) and 1 high school (where I knew NO ONE) and really wasn’t a fan of changing schools so often… I take a while to get to know and am kind of painfully shy at first, but when I finally open up, look out, it’s Missy overload! My usual timeframe to ‘come out of my shell’ is 2 weeks. ie: 10 days of school. I also went to holiday camps because my mum worked… I used to HATE going and would beg her not to send me, but she would always say ‘when I come to pick you up, you won’t want to leave’. I never believed her, but it was always true. Haha.

    4. Ah, yes ‘coming out of my shell’… I am a true Cancerian. 100% through and through. Emotional (ie: crying at adverts on TV), sensitive and shy (hard to get out of my shell), but once you’re in with me I am uber loyal, I’m protective, warm and loving. BUT, I’m moody and will revert into my shell to avoid getting hurt. I do not let go easily (clingy to those I love) and I hold grudges if I get hurt.

    5. I am a stationary, gimmick and gadget geek, my grade 3 teacher nicknamed me Miss Gadget when I produced my “pencil case”… It was a fridge and everything inside was fridge/food related. Celery pens, meat and milk carton shaped erasers, soft drink can pencils, and um, I actually can’t remember what else, it’s long gone. It was very cool though and everyone wanted to use my stuff. Yay I found a picture. Bless you internets!

    6. I come from a big family, with 9 brothers and sisters… yet, I liken myself to having all the ‘issues’ of every childhood syndrome. What am I on about? Well I have a bit of a dysfunctional Brady Bunch type family, and my Dad fathered 10 children with 4 different Mothers. So, while I feel like I am a ‘middle child’ as I do literally fall in amongst the bunch at number 8, I also feel like an ‘only child’ as there is a 12 year gap between me and next eldest sister and then 6 years between me and my little brother. When I was 6 my next sister up was already an adult and I was doted on a lot by my mum. All my other brothers and sisters grew up close in age, except me. I actually often feel quite alone in my big family. I am the ‘youngest child’ as out of my mums 3 children, but spent a relative amount of time with my little brother and sister being the ‘eldest’. I think that’s most syndromes covered. *sigh

    7. I seem to be a bit of an easy target for perverts. I used to think these types of things were no big deal (I think that’s how I was made to feel by those around me), but I feel like they affected me a lot. I have trouble giving eye contact to men because I do not want any type of attention at all. I never thought there was a name for it… As I assumed it was ‘mild’ but recently I looked on Wikipedia and it is actually classed as molestation. I understand that those around me were probably doing me a favour by making it seem like no big deal, but um… It affected me and still does. So I dunno, I was made to feel as though I couldn’t feel like anything had happened, but it did. I was only young. All but once incident happened when I was under 18 and the most recent was at Luna Park *shudder*. I did go to a Psychologist a few years ago, but I was suffering depression and barely able to function, so we never even got that deep.  She just helped me out of my hole and I moved on and swept it all back under the rug. If I ever do get sad, depressed etc, these things always come back to me.  Wow, sorry that got heavy.

    I think most of the blogs I peruse have already been nominated for the award, but if you haven’t been, consider yourself awarded!!



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