Friday, February 24, 2012

Howdy 'do

Meet my new 'do... (geddit? Howdy 'do??!)

As per my post on Wednesday, I did indeed get my hair cut and the colour changed.

As soon as I sat in the chair, my hair dresser Crystal asked 'full head of foils?' I quickly blurted out that I wanted to go Caramel and cut my hair into a long bob before I could change my mind. She was quite surprised. I think she'd forgotten that I was considering changing my hairstyle at my last appointment.

But, yeh... We looked over colour charts and I showed her some images I have saved on my iPhone.... And Voila a completely new 'do!

To be honest I wasn't completely happy when I first saw the colour... But Crystal assured me that the lighting in the salon is quite harsh. Phew! I even sent a message to the BF stating "I don't think I like it."

As I also mentioned, I swayed the BF to come pick me up, so I went across the road to a hotel to wait for him... And of course squeezed in a mini photo session in the bathroom! He rang just before I went to take this shot to say he was there, so I had to be quick, hence the weird 'hurry up' look on my face.

We went and saw Shame at Southland. It's an R rated movie about a sex addict. I don't know how I felt about the movie. I really don't.

Anyway, I have come to terms with my new 'do now... And maybe it isn't such a big deal after all. I mean not one person noticed at work! Not one (not until I told them, at least). What the?!

This was my old hair;
Being a slouch on the couch in my pink fluffy robe!
 A decent amount was lobbed off... I can’t believe no one at work noticed! I guess I do wear my hair up a lot, but still (whinge, whinge)

Meanwhile, my BF is calling me his Caramel Cookie now, nawwwwwww, I like it.

Ohhh and contrary to what Crystal mentioned last time... My hair was so not cheaper!! Sweet Junipers! Hopefully it will be cheaper next time. She put some foils in my hair as well, not sure if that's a necessary regular thing.

I also bought a bunch of hair products. Pics to come! My hair has gone crazy curly...



  1. I think your hair looks gorgeous! :)

    1. Naww, thanks Mrs G!!

      So far so good... I haven't actually washed it yet. That's the real test!! I'm hoping it'll be a piece of cake though.. Being shorter and all.

  2. It looks fantastic! ha, can't believe they didn't notice... people are unobservant sometimes.

    1. my mum said 'they mustn't look at you!'

      I also had a spray tan the other and was brown as all get-out, think they noticed?! Grrrrr!

    2. Oh and thanks for the feedback re: the new 'do!


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