Wednesday, February 22, 2012

♡ other random updates ♡ and help with hair needed!!

I did in fact get brow-wowed. They are thinner this time, I guess I didn’t vocalise what I wanted enough. I didn’t have to wait as long as the last time, which was nice. I made it to Myer Melbourne from Chapel Street in half an hour on Public Transport during peak hour! Impressed? I am. What I wasn’t impressed about was the Sales Assistant who touched up my brow area, after the wax and her over-the-top-eager to sell manner. I merely asked what it was the she was putting on me, it was a pressed powder but before she even answered she asked if she should put it on my bill? Um, no. Firstly it was the wrong colour and secondly, it was the wrong colour. She couldn’t even match my colour right! I was like heck no am I trusting you to help me. Way too eager to just get me to buy it… Maybe actually try and sell me something I would want. The brow artist (yes) was super nice and my brows do look nice, I think/hope.

Please excuse that rogue hair (from my head that is, there's plenty of brow rogues there!)

Sorry for the shoddy shot, but I took this at the Benefit Counter.

Meet Shirley and Help me with my hair, pleeease!!

Please meet my lovely new Jeep!

I have actually given the old girl a rest, as last week the buses were super busy and me being a newbie whilst trying to manoeuvre around with this thing, proved difficult. But, of course I keep buying stuff, so I do kind of need her! 

I am planning a change tonight!!

I have a hair appointment and I am going to go from Ashy blonde (I think) to Caramel! My darling HD, Crystal, said at my last appointment that Caramel would suit my skin tone, and that it would be easier to maintain, be healthier, easier on my hair and probably cheaper (I her). I feel like the blonde locks are washing me out, I get that ‘ugh’ feeling and I just can’t be bothered spending ages doing my hair… In fact I rarely ‘do’ it at all anymore- usually only when I am doing something spesh- like seeing my BF or seeing friends. I dread washing it (half an hour shower plus blow-dry/striaghten) and wash it only once a week, if that… And since I’ve been working out, I need to wash my hair more. And it is a hassle!!!

Ever since she mentioned ‘caramel’ on Christmas eve I have;

Been craving any food caramel related- think caramel frapps from Starbucks, caramel fudge, I even bought myself some caramel drinking chocolate, even though I am not consuming anything sugar related! Driving me mad!!! 

Been googling caramel hair images like crazy.

Behold some of my findings…

 Yes, I have no idea how to put pictures in my blog!

Then I was watching Made in Chelsea and spotted Millie’s hair and thought, hmm… I want that. I think it’s caramel;

Then I downloaded the Hair-Do app and tried some colours and styles out and I’m going to take the plunge!!!

Hair cut shoulder length and go caramel!! I might end up being light caramel at first, then go a bit darker.
Here’s me, simulated as a caramelised long bobber!  (is that even a long bob?)
these lengths?

This colour?

I’m scared. Should I do it? Help me!!! I went to sleep worrying about it, and thinking maybe I should just dye my hair caramel this time and save the cut for next appointment, but woke up determined that I was going to do it. I think I’m too lazy for long hair. I wear it up in a bun, mostly. 

Also, I am catching Public Transport straight from workies to my Hair Dresser, so I am also scared about that! Haha. I am trying to con persuade my BF to pick me up, or I won’t be home till 11pm! I slyly said we should see a movie… tee hee. Then he’ll drop me home. Muahaha, what a plan!

Speaking of the BF… He got me some adorable white gold studs with widdle diamonds for LOVE day. I really love them, they’re adorable!!

Try and forget all the empty holes!

Since before moving I cannot locate any of my earrings! I’m afraid I have lost them!!! I have a habit of being an idiot with my jewels. Missing are 2 pairs of diamonds studs (1 from Daddy dearest and 1 bought by me), a pair of pearl studs I splurged on in Vancouver with the BF, and a pair of gold and diamond hoops from my Mumsy (which my Dad then added more diamonds to and redesigned). I’m devastated! I need to find them!!! I’m sooooooo irresponsible!



  1. Light caramel and a long bob, you can always grow it again :-)

    Btw you won one of the runner-up prizes from the blog giveaway I was hosting.

    Please send me through your postage details to so I can get the prize to you :-)


    1. Woo Hoo! I sent you an email, but from my phone email address. It can be finicky, I think. So, I will leave a comment on your bloggy! Yay for prizes!

      I did the chop and colour. Eeek.

  2. Was this the Benefit Brow Bar? I'm interesting in trying out the one at Chadstone, but I've never had my brows professionally shaped so a bit scared.

    Also, I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. You can check it out here, and follow it on yourself. I enjoy reading your varied posts!

    1. Oh thanks for the award Kim!

      Yep, Benefit Brow Bar... You should definitely do it! I was worried/scared at first too. They are really great at choosing a shape that best compliments your face.

      If eyes are the window to the soul, than that makes brows the curtains... And everyone lovessss a nice curtain! hahaha, my mum is an interior decorator- specialising in window fittings.

  3. I love the eyebrows... Look so good.. Such a difference!

    Love the caramel...And also the way you can't put photos on your blog haha, that comment cracked me up... I have no idea how to do multiple nicely either...


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