Monday, March 19, 2012

♡ Week Nine ♡

 Hi peeps!

Ahh, I have made it through to week nine of my lifestyle change…

This week, I lost 1 kilo! Yay. I only have 3.6kilos to go to get to my goal! Yay!

I purchased a jacket on the eBay, which arrived today at work… I can get it on, but it’s too small *sighhhhh… So, I have a feeling I might drop my goal weight further. 

Here are my measurement results:
5 inches from my waist (narrowest point)
3 inches from my hips (widest point)
4 inches from my bust. 

Oh and I was reading PolkaDotPearls Blog on Friday that made me rethink my bra/cup size… Over the weekend I checked my measurements. I wear a B Cup at present and according to my calculation I should be a D!! (P.S- woo hoo, if that is true). I have 2 vouchers to use at La Senza, and I am SO testing out some D Cups!!!

My toe is so sore!!! I went to the Docs on the weekend and am due for an x-ray tonight. Eeek. It has been hurting even more since visiting the Doc… So, that’s great. I got some drugs, and they appear to make the pain worse?! RUDE. 

My Doc said I would have to go back to him to get the results (in 2 days) but hopefully the x-ray operator will be able to tell me if it is broken. I am on one (1) crutch today. It’s actually making walking easier. I can’t stand to walk on the side of my foot anymore… It makes the pain much worse. 

In happy chappy news, my Essie nail polish Ozsale order arrived today! Eeeek!!! Only 2 out of 3 arrived though… Then I checked online and somehow, magically, I managed to get it sent to my old house!! Grrrrr! I have 2 mini sets and 6 full size polishes here, and there are 3 more full sized ones waiting for me! Exciting. The colours are all SO me!! I will do a post on them once they are all reunited!

Oh, and on the topic of nail polishes… I am so rude. I have been meaning to say a big thank you to Miss Directions for the prize I won on her blog a while back. I have enough nail polish to last me 1000 years! Again, separate blog post. 

Oh and on the topic of competitions... I also won one off the lovely Kiki Chaos, like 10 thousand years ago... I will POST on that!

I have issues adding pics to my computer at work and this is where I blog from…
Ciao for now! And I’ll update you on my tootsie toe… when I know!


  1. Yay I received my Essie polishes today too :) :)
    You have been quite lucky with competitions I must say!

    1. I love your blog, Sue :)

      And yes I have been pretty darn lucky with the comps!

  2. Well done! Thats a fantastic achievement!


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