Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Latest Acquisitions; of the past edition

Ha. Yes, that title makes no sense… How can something be called latest acquisitions, when it was in the past? Huh huh?! Well, I don’t know about you guys, but as a self-proclaimed blogging-procrastinator, I tend to ‘plan to blog’ about my latest purchases etc… but never do. *hangs head in shame* I have close to a gazillion images on my phone ready to be blogged about.
So, I bring to you, my newest segment, aptly titled “Latest Acquisitions” but this edition is that of past purchases. Okay, still with me?! Sweet.

This cute phone attachment for my mobile phone... I laugh just looking at it. Totally impractical! 

You can listen to music through it, and it has a buttons to answer and end calls, as well as volume adjustment. So far I've only used it for the LOLs.

This cute receipt expanding file.

It says "Put your important things" with an arrow to indicate where to put said important things. It is now jam packed with receipts! Even receipts from Coles New World... I need to go through them. I only need the important ones, as per the helpful instructions, not the ones for my half-honeydew at the local supermarket!

My adorable Ceramic Travel mug! Russian themed!

I completely love the colours!! It came with a white lid, as standard, but the shop keepers adore me, so they let me swap it for a pink one! yay! I did some serious experiments to check the lid. Very Scientific! It involved water and a sink... and some swift "I'm pretending to walk around' with my arms movements, and some "I'm having a sip" over the sink trials.

I wasn't too keen on taking a sip and having my drink go all over me in the real world. FYI: It works PERFECTLY!

I also grabbed these Faber Castell pencils from Coles New World... They're pretty neat.

Now these are a massive hit with me;

Infallible Eyeshadow from L'Oréal Paris. I read some great reviews about them from some UK bloggers, and I needed to get my paws on them. This was my first haul... I have gained another 5 this past weekend! LOL. 

I will do a review and swatches one of these days. 
The colours here are: Hourglass Beige, Forever Pink, Flashback Silver, Endless Chocolate and Permanent Khaki. 
Love Love LOVE!
I use Hourglass Beige, Forever Pink and Endless Chocolate everyday!

That's it for now!



  1. The visual of you testing out the seal of the lid made me laugh :-)

    The cup is very cute!

  2. Haha I've seen the phone attachment thing around!! It's hilarious how we all think it's so funny ... when 10 years ago using cord phones were still the norm! Not with mobiles obviously but around the house.
    Loooove those L'Oreal eyeshadows! I only have one but I love it!

  3. I've also seen that phone thing before, it's hilarous. It's really funny if you hide your cell phone and just talk in that :D it will keep people wondering!


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