Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twinkling on Tuesdays

Hey Sweets!

I went for my x ray last night and even though I inspected the images with my Doctor goggles on, I had no idea what I was looking at. I am a dork and even google-imaged ‘x ray of broken toe’ haha. No help. Soo, I guess it mustn’t be like broken-broken. Otherwise I would have seen that, surely…

It could be ‘cracked,’ which is what my Doctor suggested initially. The x ray guy said I wouldn’t be able to walk if it was broken… So, um, I guess that’s that. Haha. Oh fun fact, I saw the big toe being referred to as the grand toe. How cute! I had never heard/seen that before.

In other news, I wish to make a concerted effort to blog more often. I am so freakin’ lazy. In nearly every aspect of my life. It’s annoying. Mental note: I need to do something about that. Maybe later. LOLS. Yes, I procrastinate too. Like a boss. 

I have all these grandiose ideas of what I want to do in so many areas of my life, yet I never do anything. What’s wrong with me?! 

I have so many photos and pictures from online stashed (read: cluttering my desktop, another thing on my to-do list) yet I never blog about anything. It’s like I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. At the moment that one thing is getting back to my goal weight. Which is silly… All I am doing is eating right… Not brain surgery really. 

Another thing I have procrastinated big time on is my little eBay business I had going on awhile back. It was selling Pandora type beads. Put it this way, I have about $10,000 worth of beads (at selling price that is) sitting in a jewellery box on my bedroom floor. I could use that money for stuff!! I love stuff! One thing that ‘set me back’ was that my computer died. I refused to sell until I had myself a pink Sony Vaio. Checked that off my list. Then I wanted a pink Sony camera with that macro business to take “better” photos of the beads/charms. Got that too… I took like 30 photos and thought I sucked… Then I got some lighting to help me out… NEVER ONCE USED IT. All still in the box. Gahhhhh! The trend is wearing off now! Hahaha. And eBay has made it near impossible to sell (they made it ‘illegal’ to put ‘will fit Pandora’ in the listing title).

Anyhoo, I just went on a tangent about how badly I procrastinate and how I want to blog more. I named this post ‘Twinkling Tuesdays’ with the thought that I’d continue that every week. Well, all you got was me blubbering on. Sorry. 

Here you go… Some Love/Hate

Loving that my weight loss is finally getting noticed. Yesterday my boss said ‘You can tell you’ve lost weight’. Thanks! Considering it was only last week, when I was…

Hating that a co-worker who I was sympathising with as he yabbered on about how he wanted to join the gym to lose weight and then put both of us in the same boat with the comment ‘our problem is, we eat too much’ OUCH!

Hating my sore toe, but

Loving that people have been showing kindness on Public Transport and on my travels to and fro’.

Hating that I have been spending all my monies on eBay, yet

Loving the bargains and super-duper sniping I have accomplished! Will blog about, I swear! We’re talking leather shorts, perfumes for me and perfumes for he, a leather bag, gorgeous jewellery box and a cute pink and sequin coin purse.

Loving the awesome Essie Nail polishes I scored from OZSALE. $5 each? Getouttahere! I have never used Essie, but the colours are oh so me!

Hating that I overlooked one of the packages and it got sent to my old address. Meaning I have trek all the way there to retrieve it…

Loving that I can use that as an excuse to see my baby Bender!!
Loving that I have a date night planned with the BF tonight… Tight arse Tuesday movie (21 Jump Street, EXCITED). I haven’t seen him since last weekend!

Hating that I couldn’t work out how to redeem my Hoyts reward points online… Only to see that 21 Jump Street is showing on an Xreme screen at 9pm, thus costing more points. Rudeness. I have exactly enough for 2x Tuesday tickets. 

Until tomorrow...



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