Friday, March 2, 2012

My Luscious Lush Haul

Well Ladies, here are the goodies I picked up at Lush.

My bestie came along for the excursion, in the end. She called me at work to see what I was doing that night and when I said I was going to the city shopping, she wanted in. Then I said I planned to shop at Lush, she exclaimed ‘what?! that stinky shop?!!!’ haha. So true, my friend, so true.

I have to say I felt really overwhelmed in store, mostly because there are so many products! And also I found the sales peeps to be super pushy! Even after the first one finally let me be, another one pounced!   

I thought when I showed them that I had a list, which was pretty long, that maybe- just maybe- they’d see I was on a mission and kinda knew what products I wanted to go for and would just help me find those products. But no, not so much. I got a few ‘if you think you’ll like that, you’ll love this’ and then the thing that they would show me would be just so not in the right direction for me. I'm into creamy, sweet, vanilla and pink. And, to be blunt, I just don’t like being made to feel like a big giant walking dollar sign who they want to just sell sell sell to. I already had a lot on my wish list that I wanted to check out, I didn’t need so much pushiness! If it wasn’t for my ‘I want it now’ trait of impulsiveness, I would have turned around and done my shopping online.  

My head was just spinning in the store from all the info and being pulled left, right and centre… In the end, I left happy with my buys but when I got home, I had no idea how to use the stuff! I was given twenty bazzillion demonstrations in the store; some were on my arm, and my hands got some love, there were buckets with water shows and paper towels to dry off. It was fun and I was ooh’ing and ahh’ing a little, I'll admit it, BUT not only was my head spinning and my sense of smell completely overloaded, there was super fast talking selling going on and I forgot everything I was shown when I got home! 

I was super excited and very eager to get home and have a bath!!  

By the time I lugged all my stuff home, I was exhausted… and had a headache- maybe due to senses overload, or could have been more of a general body overload; I had also I bought other stuff, like 3 pairs of shoes at Rubi, plus all my usual carry around crap junk precious things, or maybe I was just plain tired?! When I peeked into the bag at home,I had so many choices I had a lot of trouble deciding what product to use first.

My legs ached, so I was excited to try a massage bar and went straight for the hottie massage bar. It was so good. Smells delicious!

Next stop was to have some dinner… Then it was time...

Time to draw my bath. 

But wait! Where’s the plug?! I could not find the bath plug!!! I had to tear the bathroom apart to locate it! Turns out it is actually the same size as the one for the basin, so I could have avoided that whole debacle in an instant, but I didn’t even think to try it.

hurro, creepy hand wave!

I decided on Mrs Whippy. Mainly because it was one of the first on my list and also it is being discontinued and I want to know if I want/need/must-get more. (the answer to this conundrum to come)

Dropped the bomb!

It was so good. I was surrounded by warmth and the scent was indescribable. I was in LusHeaven! 

I loved how my bath was pink… But mostly, oh my sweet Lord, mostly I loved how soft my skin was. 
Directly after the bath? heck yeah. When I woke up the next morning? Double heck yeh. Even after my morning shower and exfoliation session? Oh my Gosh YES! You better believe it! I have been getting magical wafts of deliciousness-ness (that's double the deliciousness!). I definitely want more Mrs. Whippy!!!



  1. I never take baths but all these talks of the Lush bath products makes me want to!

  2. oh i went to lush today as well! but i got the face mask.

  3. Hey lovely, what did you use to edit those photos? Love the LUSH products, they're fantastic!

    1. Heya :) I use PicPlz on my iPhone... It's kind of like instagram.

      I am a total Lushie now. I love everything from there!


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