Wednesday, March 14, 2012

♡ Week Eight ♡ + Overdue Update!

Hey Lovelies... Slack blogger here!

Ahh, had a nice long weekend in Ole Melbourne Town… Not to be marred by possibly breaking my poor little tootsie- which is actually my big toe. I don’t think it is broken broken, but it is damn sore and may have a fracture or something. I stubbed it on Saturday… It’s Wednesday now and it still hurts? Hmmm. A slight amount of swelling is evident and there is a “line” bruise across the joint. WEIRD. I don’t like thinking about it, it makes me feel strange… You know like, sends shivers.

My activities over the days to follow may not have helped. I had 2 coupons that needed redeeming right away. 5x Pilates Reformer classes and 3x Ballet Barre classes.

I had my first Pilates Reformer class on Sunday. One word. Ouch! Haha.

Even though it was a beginner’s class, I was the only super newbie there… There were only 3 of us, so I got a bit of attention from the trainer. It was kind of embarrassing when she had to reduce my resistance a number of times and I fully had no idea how to use the reformer (the machine). When I got there early, she said ‘just go and stretch on the bar'… well, I didn’t know what in holy heck she was talking to about. I had never even seen one of those machines before, let alone knew where or what the bar was, I was looking for like a ballet barre! Haha! FYI: It’s at the end of the machine, or the top, I still don’t know which was is UP… But, anyway, I survived…

Last night was a ballet barre class, called Xtend barre! I was SCARED! Mainly because I have been looking forward to this barre class for ever and a day and now feared it was going to be troublesome with my toe! I also couldn't delay it, due to the expiration of the coupon!

I perused online and read that the ballet barre class is a no shoe affair, but you can wear socks… I was wearing slip on shoes so I didn’t have socks… Then I read something else online that said I needed dance shoes (um, no) or grip socks (wha?!)… So, I emailed the place and they said I do need socks. Craps. I can either spend $x at the el cheapo shop and not be slip proof and fall on my face, or I can spend $20 at the clinic and buy their special grip sox (not socks, sox, haha). I had a feeling I was going to enjoy this class, so I resigned myself to buying some SOX.

Oh my God, the ballet. Pfft, I thought reformer Pilates was painful... SHIZ! This hurt BAD. ohmigosh. I did LOVE pretending to be Ballerina. Seriously. It's a great workout... 100% highly recommended by yours truly. I mentioned to the instructor that I thought my hips were going to break off and she said I did well (yay! Even though I stopped a few times) and that if I thought my legs hurt then, I will be really cursing her day after next. Eeek. I do feel 'okay' today (except for my tootsie!) but I am fearing tomorrow.

My legs were like jello after class and I was shaking like a leaf on a tree throughout the workout. The great thing about it is that your legs are hurting so bad, so you're concentrating on that and not noticing that you are also holding your arms up Ballerina Style. Yay for not noticing. Then same goes the other way, you concentrate on moving your arms, and forget about the plie (yes, I said plie) you're doing- until your legs start to shake, but then you’re concentrating on your funny little legs shaking and forget about your arms again!

Unfortunately I did find it harder due to my toe. Obviously you don't go en pointe (yep 2x ballet terms used) in these types of classes, but you do go up on the balls of your feet and well that didn't go well for me. I kind of had to shift my weight to the side on my foot, and not below my big toe. I also didn't tell the instructor about my toe... Cos, I wanted to do the class. haha.

Please let my toe be better by next Tuesday. Pretty please!!! I only have 2 more lessons, and 2 weeks left of the voucher... And, I can only go on the Tuesdays.

The thing that has me confuzzled with my toe is the no-serious-bruising factor. I have broken 3 toes in the past and they bruised, but this time, there is barely anything. I asked Dr. Google and was advised bruising 'may become apparent'... hmm, might ask a Pharmacist. I cannot be arsed going to the real Docs. especially not for a maybe-broken toe, that's probably just 'stubbed real bad'. haha. Plus no one can do diddly about a broken tootsie. Although, it’s making me walk like a nutter.

Oh yeh, the weigh-in. haha.

So, week 8... 
Now, I had a feeling I wasn't going to lose any weight this week... Mainly due to my PigOut the Sunday prior and also cos it was, y'know, that time of the month... But I lose 500 grams. So, even though that's a pretty small lose (in comparision) I am still pretty happy with it. In 8 weeks I have lost 9.6 kilos with less than 5 kilos left to go. Plus I am only a smidge away from 2 more goals. Losing 10 kgs and being in the 60's!

Tonight is my rest day! I am planning an awesome bubble bath with some sort of delicious bath melts/bombs from LUSH, my new obsession- to which I now been not once, not twice, but THRICE! Must blog about that! I am also planning to have a super scrub, with the BUFFY bar, also from LUSH, to prepare for my spray tan tomorrow night. Ooh yeh, and a face mask... yummmm, also from LUSH.

Oh and by the way, I am C2B (close to Bankrupt), so I am on a spending ban. Big Time. I could not stop shopping over the long weekend- real life and eBay too. Seriously, I may not be able to afford groceries for the next 2 weeks.



  1. I have broken 2 toes and I never had any bruising, maybe it depends on how much tissue damage there is? Those classes sound intense, well done for going - I need to get some motivation to do similar!!!

    PS- I'm hosting a giveaway if you'd like to enter! Click here

    1. Thanks Lisa... You really got me thinking re: the maybe broken tootsie.


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