Monday, March 26, 2012

♡ Week Ten ♡ aka: The week I crumbled and failed.

Well hello, dears!

Er, yes, as the title suggests I have a bit of a bad week. 

I eat these Kraft Premium crackers as part of my plan… and over the weekend I went completely nutsos. I could not stop. It got me thinking that maybe I am needing more food. It was like I was super hunger after every meal. And the crackers were not filling the void. I think I will probably need to up my protein. So, anyway… enough avoidance. My naughtiness meant I only lost 300 grams for week ten. Taking my total to 10.9 kilos. Not bad in reality, but still disappointed that I ruined the rest of the week by overindulging on the weekend. I was feeling sorry for myself, okay?!

I am trying to reign in as we speak- and so far no good. I have already over eaten slightly on the cracker front… Some might say I’ve gone crackers! Ive also had too much fruit as well. Gosh Darn it! 

On another note, it’s freezing in Melbourne today!.. and I hate the cold. I feel it to the max… To top it off, the central heating in my office isn’t working. Thanks, thanks a lot. Of course the handyman can’t come until tomorrow. Brrrrrr.

I have been having some issues with a jerk at work. He was really grating me last week and wouldn’t get the hint that I wasn’t enjoying his B.S. He was on my back about everything- anything I said he squashed down. When I was in considerable pain, where even bums on the street took pity upon my hobbling, he asked ‘is that for the sympathy vote?’ about 10 freakin times. It wasn’t funny the first time and it actually got me quite upset. He put me down a few times too, which I just do not appreciate (he made fun of my appearance and insinuated I was ugly… Just because you laugh don’t make it a joke… We were talking about dental work, and onto the subject of the gap in my teeth, which I had wanted to get fixed once upon a time… I then said how most people don’t even notice it anyway, and he said ‘that’s just what they say to you. Gaps are ugly. Gaps are a deformity.) It just not nice. That’s my smile you’re talking about. 

Then on top of all that, he made me do him a favour… He didn’t even actually ask, he just expected it and I wasn’t even thanked or apologised to even though it resulted in me staying back after business hours for 40mins. That’s 40mins of unpaid work for someone who I don’t work for?! We have 2 different businesses in this building; “everyone else” and me and my boss. We are completely separate entities. The jerk in question could have asked people from his own company- but shock horror, they don’t like him and he doesn’t like them0- so he asks me instead. I’m pretty sure it’s bad manners to ask for favours when you aren’t even being nice to someone. So, tsk tsk to him. Believe me when I say, he’s done his dash with me now. I am always polite… But I’ve had enough now. He monopolises my time with his boring banter, that I couldn’t be more uninterested in. Gardening?! I don’t have a garden! It’s come to light to me, that he must be rather unhappy, but anyway, I’m not letting him bring me down.  He’s already been in today for a mini-convo- BORING. I don’t actually care what you were up to over the weekend. I would have been if it was actually interesting, but it was just an itinerary. A boring itinerary. Example “so, we drove to the supermarket, we bought some groceries and took them home to put away in the fridge and cupboards”… I did that too, don’t hear me yabbering on about it! To be honest, he hurt my feelings so much last week that it wouldn’t have mattered what he had said. I am grrrrr@ him. He is on my naughty list!

Ooops, sorry for carrying on… haha.

In other news, my foot feels soooo much better. I stayed off it pretty much all weekend. The only thing I did was go to the supermarket- as mentioned briefly above, but imagine it done with more pizazz than my jerk co-worker, I walked my dog and took him to the HYDRO-BATH for DIY job… He actually looks adorable. Plus I got him a cute faux-sheepskin lined duffel coat- so cute. Haha. I also went and saw The Hunger games at Village with The BF. I {hearted} it! I haven’t read the books, but now I want to! The BF was sick… he ate something undercooked. *shakes head*

I have booked in for my next 2 Xtend Barre classes in one week from tomorrow. I am excited! Now, I just need to make sure my foot is 100% by then! 

This was supposed to just be my weigh in post, but I blabbered on. 

Cheerio possums!



  1. I totally understand about the crackers. I cannot have them in the house because I end up eating the whole packet in an afternoon. Love them.

    1. Yep, I'm still having trouble!

      You are going so well with your 12wbt!

  2. amazing post!
    your blog is adorable! :)

  3. I think your idiot co-worker may well have a crush on you...!!


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