Thursday, March 22, 2012

22 March 2012: And a little boo to Hoyts


My toe is hurting a lot right now.

On my way home after workies yesterday I thought, hey why not try not using my crutch to walk limp to the bus-stop?!  Come on, it'll be fun.

Sure, I got to the bus stop quicker, and made the earlier bus by moments… but I have been paying for it ever since. I even had to go back on the meds last night... And they don’t do Jack. I get no relief whatsoever… Was I given placebos or what?! I am going to Priceline Pharmacy at lunch time to see what else I can score (get the druggie ref?). The original Pharmacist said not to take anything else with the other stuff, but the stuff just doesn’t work. I'd sooner stop taking them and be allowed everything else instead! Haha. Seriously.
So, I’m back on my crutch today. 

Turns out I wont get to see my Doc until Saturday. Not that he can do anything either way, broken or not.. But I just want to know now. 

I went to see 21 Jump Street on Tuesday at Hoyts Chaddy… 

Turns out the idiot who booked the tickets had the choose your seats chart thingiemabob upside down and booked us front row seats. Wow. What an absolutely moron… Oh wait, that was me.

I thought I was being soooo smrt, I mean smart, booking in early and dodging queues. I’d like to know why the truck cinemas even have seats that close to the screen! You can't see the whole screen. Ever. I had to scan the screen every few moments to make sure I was getting the whole picture. Literally. Ridiculous. I was pretty annoyed. I even had to take my glasses off... Meaning not only was the screen uncomfortably close... It was blurred too. And, of course the cinema was packed, as I suspected- so we couldn’t even do any seat switching. 

BOO to you Hoyts
I think the movie was good. Can’t be too sure though. There was some definite funny moments- I heard everyone else laughing, but my judgement is skewed due to the seating arrangement. The only advantage of sitting front row, centre, was that I could stretch my legs and take all pressure of my toe. Whoopty Woo.

Channing Tatum is delicious. Obviously… And I also thought James Francos’ lil brother wasn’t too hard on the eyes either. Better mention his real name is Dave Franco, not just "James Franco’s lil brother"… he’d probably get cheesed off. Pretty sure he reads my blog. I totally see the family resemblance now that I know who his brother is.



  1. Sorry to hear about your little toesie! Hope it mends soon!

    That is hilarious about the cinema tickets though! Sounds like the silly kind of thing I'd do! Glad to hear it's not just me :)

    1. Thanks Cat... It was real *face palm* moment.

    2. Oops, I meant to say it was *a* real face palm moment. hehe.

  2. I’ve sat in the first couple of rows before when a movie has been packed…I hate it! Poor you : (

    The movie was most definitely good! In fact, just go and see it again!

    And THANK YOU for pointing out that other actor, I totally see the resemblance! Mmmmmm I thought he was quite nice on the eyes too, I meant to Google him and completely forgot!

  3. Thanks for the comment MissR.

    I didn't even mean to find out about James Franco's lil brother... I just saw a pic of him that mentioned he was in 21 Jump Street, and I was huh, wha? And lo and behold, it James Francos lil brother. haha.

  4. Over on my blog I am having a Mac lipstick give away, I would love for you to enter :o)


  5. Hahahaha oohh that sucks! I need to go watch the movie sometime next week. When we went to watch Hunger Games last week my clumsy hubby tripped and spilled some of his drink on a seat. Poor girl who sat in a Fanta soaked chair


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