Monday, March 5, 2012

♡ Week Seven ♡

Generally Monday is my weigh in day, but over the weekend we had a family BBQ and I decided to let my hair down and go off the diet.

So, seeing as I was a good little dieter throughout the rest of the week, I decided to take weigh in and take my measurements on Sunday instead.

So, for Week Seven, I lost 1.4 kilos!!


That takes my grand total to 8.9 kilos in 7 weeks (1.2kgs a week, for those playing at home). So, now I kind of have 5.3kgs to go until I reach my goal. Why kind of? Well, for starters... The BBQ and all its naughtiness...

And treat myself I did!

At the BBQ, not only was I not eating my usual lunch, I had some creamy salads... One was potato and the other was pasta. I also had a sausage. And then my Mum rolled out the big guns... Chinese Sausage. I {heart} these sausages, and when I found out she had gotten some that was what tipped me over the edge to indulge. Then there was cake. It was a double whammy birthday celebration, so I had some. I am P.O'd cos it was just a sponge... So, I wish I hadn't wasted the indulgence on it, but nonetheless, what's done is done. Stop there? hahaha. No.

Then I was all big noting my favourite grocer!

Tommy D's!

So, me and my Brother's Baby Mama, Vivvi, went on an excursion, so I could show it off. haha. She was into it. Phew. Don't you hate it when you talk something up, and the other person isn't impressed?

But, yeh, there was taste testing on! That was then end of that! I had a little Camembert cheese, a slice of flat bread pizza, and some yummy flat bread with cinnamon and sugar (sweet, sweet, poisonous sugarrrrr).

I ended the night guzzling water (massive headache, thank you sugar!) and no dinner (no room!).

I woke this morning (aka Monday= my real weigh in day) and had gained back 1.3 kilos! Noooooooo. I am pretending it didn't happen! Cos it'll be mainly water, so fingers crossed I move it before my next weigh in next Monday!



  1. Wow, your weight loss is going along great! How have you done it? Exercise, diet, or a combination of both, or something else altogether? I've been trying to lose weight and not been able to lose a single kilo, even after changing my diet a fair amount (cutting out a lot of junk) and going to the gym regularly (from basically sitting around on the couch after work) and I'm wondering if there is something medically wrong with me!

    1. Thanks Kim ♡

      I'm focussing on my diet mainly. Cutting most carbs... No starchy vegies at all, and very very lean meat.

      I find if I eat carbs or things with sugar in it, I just crave more and more!! I really need to work out a balance, but right now, I just want to lose weight I had gained.

      Perhaps you have gained muscle- due to working out. I take my measurements to check on progress there :)

    2. Thanks Missy. I probably do need to keep looking at my diet. I know I don't eat enough vegetables at all. I know I gained some muscle but the overall results weren't as promising as hoped.

      Definitely a good idea to take measurements - gives a more accurate result of your body changes than just weight loss alone. Something will work out sooner or later!!

  2. Congrats, love. you should be so proud. I've been in the same position before. so glad I found your blog. I'm definitely following now. I can't wait to read more. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my blog. It's all about the adventures of a small town girl taking on the LA fashion scene. xo

    1. Thanks so much Anna! Your blog is beautiful! Definitely following ♡

  3. great blog! I'm a new follower =)

    1. Thanks Dina! Checking out your blog now! My Sister in Law is from Norway ♡

  4. okay 8.9 kilos in 12 weeks is such a good progress! Please, will you share your secret with me? seriously, I need to lose a few kgs in a month for 2 weddings!!

    Great job!

    accidental encounters

    1. It's pretty scrict, Kim.

      No alcohol, no junk food. Not many carbs... Basically it's not for someone who has a life! I also wait 5 hours between meals and munch on certain fruit only (apples, honeydew, mango, pears...) and only eat low-carb vegies (ie: no taters, no pumpkin). And I drink about 3L of water a day + tea galore! haha


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