Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Those Post-Super-Long-Weekend Blues

It was near impossible to pull myself up out of bed yesterday… I definitely had those Post-super-long-weekend Blues. And, confession time, I totally completely overindulged over Easter *hangs head in absolute shame*

Even at the time my head was saying ‘stop, don’t do this, please… You’re going to hate yourself’ but I could barely hear my head when my tummy and inner-glutton was humming ‘mmmmmmm, chocolate!’. Okay well I could hear the rational thoughts, but I didn’t want to pull myself out of the chocolate coma. *sighhhhhhh

Seriously bad. I am so ashamed… And now I’m stuck in a nasty cycle. Oy Vey.

What else can I do but draw a line in the sand and carry on? Easier said than done, but I am trying… That’s what’s important.

Speaking of drawing a line… How much fun is the Draw Something App?!! I am a super duper crappy “artist”, but it makes for some pretty funny doodles.

Here is one of my better ones:

If you play Draw Something, you should totes add me: missy1632 !!!

In other news… I am getting close to having 50 followers!! Hoorah! Ole! Yippy Yi Yo!

I can and will have a giveaway, people! I can and will!! I have loads of goodies I have been putting aside and I will reveal all in due course!

According to Kindle on my iPhone I am only 22% of the way through ‘The Hunger Games’… I am only reading on my commute to and from workies and only when I remember and only when I can park my booty on a seat.  I am enjoying it though. I am looking forward to finishing it and getting ahead in the other 2 installments before I see the movies.

Rant ahead!!
Re: my annoying co-worker. I don’t believe there is any crush to be had… Main reason being that he is gay and has a full on life partner and also as a side note he is over 50 (not that that would deter some people).

He is still really grating on me, big time, and he is not taking the hint one tiny bit. To be honest, I’m just sick of wasting time listening to his dribble. It did all start simply with him just not being very nice while I was suffering with my toe injury, which is still going on by the way- it’s not broken, just damaged cartilage, it’s incredibly frustrating more than anything. It feels like there is an elastic band wound tightly around my toe constantly and it aches at different times of the day, but I digress… He comes into my office and steals my time numerous times throughout the day. Sometimes in as much as 40 minute blocks of time. Come on?! It shows how little he values my time. Just because he has finished his work or is done for the day or needs a break, doesn’t mean I’m not busy blogging, er, I mean working. He also picks his nose and adjusts his genitalia (YUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, yes seriously. And he complains to me that women who drink out of water bottles are vulgar. Say what?!). Anyway, I have a strategy to combat this situation or at least make it easier on me. Muhahaha. I have already started executing the plan… and unfortunately during this mid-stage, I have hit a hurdle and it has semi blown up in my face. Damn.

Even though I have been working with this company for quite a few years. It was and still is in shambles. When I initially started, I only worked a few days here and there and then I kind of started full time without really noticing. It’s been years, and only recently did I start to pull down the last employees posters from the wall. The last employee was one of the boss’s daughters and she is a hippy… So, as you can imagine there were some amusing pictures on the wall… and even right now there is a black and white pigeon still staring at me. Haha. Anyway, I decided enough was enough as the problem of clutter was getting worse… My boss is the type who isn’t exactly proactive and was happy leaving piles and piles of old files everywhere… as long as he roughly knew they were here. somewhere. If he ever needed to locate a file, it was chaotic and there was always a chance of a file avalanche. It was that bad.

I finally went though some files, which is no mean feat considering I was working on top of myself- as there is very little room and no proper filing system or numbering system at all. Also, my boss is a borderline (read: a bona fide) tight arse and won’t spend a dollar on anything (I have to use my own money to buy office supplies, like a decent pen or even sticky tape). I had to beg him to buy some archive boxes for the piles of files and it was a battle to get him to have them removed from the office. He was going to take 2 boxes a week to his farm. Thankfully I convinced him to hire a courier because there were 50 boxes (and more to come). Ugh, that would have taken forever for him to do, and in contrast it was a 20 minute pick up by the couriers. Anyway, progress has been made and just this past week I have seen my hard work come to fruition. There is room to move! There is substantially less clutter. There are still piles of crap everywhere… And like old bits of paper from 2002! Unfortunately I have to get a sensitive document remover company to come and take those… And I can hardly do much more until it is all gone. I am secretly happy that I need to get someone to take the documents... When I started going through them, I encountered a number of spiders. *scared face* No. No. No. I am not paid enough to deal with spiders... But, shh don't tell me, but they're all around me.... *cries* As soon as I lifted but one paper I saw movement of the spidey variety. *screamssssssssssssssssssssss*

Double unfortunately though, is that all this file removal has revealed a chair in the office. A chair which my annoying co-worker could sit on for “chats” if he so desired… Now, I have made in pretty clear that I am not into these chats anymore. You would have to have rocks in your head to think otherwise. I don’t know how much more obvious I can make it without having to say “Oi! Shut up, I’m. not. Interested! LEAVE ME ALONE” and my nature won’t allow that to happen, so I’m kind of screwed. Grr damn my nature! I have been very stand offish though and my desire to pretend to listen has weaned. He might just crack this little cookie after all. I don't know how much more I can take.  

I have now concluded that my boss does in fact have rocks in his head. Upon seeing the newly revealed chair he exclaimed ‘Oh {insert annoying co-workers name} could sit there’… in a very unlike me manner and only due to serious desperation, I cried ‘Oh God NO!’… My boss laughed a little, as if I was only joking and ran off to tell my annoying co-worker about the mother effing chair for him to sit on!!!! WTF?!

Now I have no choice but to continue my big old clean up (which was the plan anyway) and oops accidently (and promptly) use the chair to hold some newly filled up archive boxes. Idiots. Can you believe it?! And before you think ‘hee hee, maybe your boss is the practical joker type’ um, definitely 100% no way. He's just a bit of an idiot. An idiot with a barely any common sense, let alone anything resembling a sense of humour.

On another note, my desk is uncomfortably close to the one my boss uses. I mean I could literally reach out and punch him in the face if I wanted to (secret wish revealed! Haha)… so, stage 2 of my plan is to move my desk further away (once I free up more room) and then re-organise my desk. At the moment my back is facing the door… Which means when someone enters my office I need to completely turn my body to see who it is and to talk to them… So, when my annoying co-worker comes in for one of his chats it means I am entirely at his mercy and he basically has my complete attention, because I have already turned to see who it is and turning back would be completely rude. Aside from shuffling things on my desk, I have nothing to make it appear as though I am busy, and he can see my computer screen clearly, so no help there. I hate that. My mum said I should just say I have a lot of work to do, but whenever I have said that, he says ‘what are you doing, what are you doing?’ like some idiotic child wanting to help his Mum cook dinner. And the last thing I want is his help. We have our own way to do things and he always makes things harder… and talks to me like I'm a moron. Even when my phone rings, which should be a signal to move on, he stands there waiting for me to finish?! Get a clue, man! And I’m the moron?! Hmmm.

Anyway, to conclude, I just want to share how my Tuesday-back-from super-long-weekend convo with him went.

Him: How was the weekend? 
Me: Not too bad, my family doesn’t do much for Easter. (the end) 
Me: (being polite tentatively asking)… How was yours? (obviously dreading the surely long winded answer to come) 
Him: Well, on Friday I went out to the garden to do some weeding, then it rained, so I went inside. I watched some TV, ate some dinner. Blahhhhhh blahhhh drone drone…
  Cut to me: Dying from boredom
Him (still): On Saturday I went to Northland… along with half of Melbourne… HA HA. I’m so funny. Blahhh blahhhhjh drone on and on and on. On Sunday we drove to my Mums for Easter lunch, blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh blahhhhhh blahhhh. On Monday I went back out to the garden, it was cold, so I went inside... Yada yada yada, blahdy blahhh blahhhh

I kid you not. He asks me how my weekend was… Shortest answer possible, without being too rude… I ask him, purely out of politeness and get a complete moment by moment playback of the most boring weekend in history. The sooner I have my computer screen to myself, the sooner I can pretend to be busy and the sooner I can get on with my life!!!!

Yep… I am complaining a ridiculous amount… But he is annoying me so badly. I even write posts like this in the morning, so I can save my ‘real work’ for the afternoon when he usually swings by, so I don’t have to pretend to be busy. I really am.

Anyway, toodles noodles…!



  1. The week after a long weekend always seems extra longggg :(

    I pretend to make phone calls or look SUPER BUSY whenever I see annoying co-workers approach! Haha

  2. Oh goodness me, he sounds like hard work!

    I dont even want that much detail on the weekends of colleagues I really like!

    Nice work on placing archive boxes on the 'spare' chair ;-)

  3. He sounds terrible... I don't even have any suggestions on helping!

    How good is the Hunger Games I think I'm 53% done, I have to read a little each day or I think I'm missing out haha as I want to read them before I see the movie as well!


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