Monday, April 16, 2012

Mini Moments; Weekend Re-Cap

Well hello there, Monday… Fancy seeing you here.

My Weekend Mini Moments

I totally got sucked in by;
Revlon Lip Butters
Pricey’s Buy One Get One FREE promo for Revlon, and
Pricey’s Bag of goodies!!

I went through the register with $60 worth of goodies… Only to realise not everything was from the correct brands. Too embarrassed to say ‘oops, nah,’ so I purchased it all anyway…

Then, I had to go to Pricey again for take two, as now I really needed the freebie bag as a matter of principle and ended up going over the $60 needed. Ha, of course! I sooo didn't even really want or need the bag, nor did I need or really want what’s in it. I am such a sucker! I haven’t even looked at the contents yet.

My nephew came over for the Sleep Over I mentioned in my last post… Surprisingly enough, he wasn’t on the computer. What the? Ohh, it was because he brought his Xbox with him. Ha. The first thing he said to me was ‘Why did you leave?’ Ouchhhh! My heart strings! Why must the guilt be so bad?! First I pretended I didn’t hear. You know that old trick? But he asked again *sigh… I said ‘Oh, that was a long time ago now’… Hmm, I feel bad, but what do I say? Your mum drove me crazy and I felt like she was using me as her live-in babysitter. I mean, firstly, tip of the iceberg right there, and secondly and undoubtedly most importantly, it had nothing to do with the kids or me not wanting to look after them. So, I could never say that to him. I wouldn't. I could never tell him how I hated how much his Mother was drinking and then how bad she was drunk- I basically abandoned him and left them to deal with it. Nice huh?. Also, he had already asked me why I left before and I answered ‘I couldn't take it anymore’…. I kind of thought he knew what I meant. I guess not. He’s only 11.

On Saturday I saw my sister and her new beau (bleugh vomit, hurl) when they came to pick my nephew up… Only 2 hours late. *raises eye-brow* I cannot stand the fake-ness. It kills me. Acting like everything is fine. Um, no. I am still so mad at her. I was in the worst mood after they left. Still am. I can feel my brows furrowing.

♥ I got a chance to paint my nails with one of my new Revlon impulse purchase polish in Popular, with a coat of OPI something about a date tonight underneath. Haha. See how crap I am with Polish names?! Haha. Um, I will try and find that out tonight. Basically I fished around for a nice pale pink colour to have under the Revlon. I love this Revlon Polish though!! It’s so dreamy!

haha, looks like I am holding an imaginary bottle of polish! Maybe I am??!

Ooh, little secret, ladies (and maybe gents, who knows? I don’t judge)… I found the best nail polish remover in the world!!! Well maybe not the best ever, but seriously, it’s good. I found at this adorable little giftware Asian-y goodie shop near my work. It’s this cutesy little container with pre-moistened pads. I could not believe they actually worked and didn't dry out my nails. And, best bit, they don’t smell disgustingly nail polish remover-ish. In fact, they are scented! Apple, strawberry, mint… something else. Ohhh you better believe there is a review coming… Namely for when I take off this glittery Revlon Polish. That will show its' true worth (which was a mere $2 by the by)… Or maybe OPI’s Rainbow Connection is the true test. That’s Glitter-us Maximus!

Fun things I bought that I can remember; Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ foundation, Too many Revlon Lip Butters (Including one for my upcoming Giveaway, ooh yeh!), Vera Wang Perfume: Rock Princess, Dove hair serum which was on special at Coles- Bargain (pronounced Barge-in, obviously), 2 Revlon Polishes (the pretty pink glittery Popular and a Minty green), I also got a Natio retractable Kabuki brush, Reef body butter—OMG Yum + Summer in goo form that magically hydrates your skin... Amongst other things!  

Oh yeh, I also went shopping at DFO South Wharf (first time there, I thought it was the same as Habour Town?! Ooops) with the BF… Um, my God boys take sooo long to decide on purchases! I made a couple of purchases myself  here and there. All in good fun! I want to buy some running shoes, badly. But I don’t think my toe will permit running yet *sad face* and until I test that out in my normal old shoes, there will be no newbies for me!

I am fat. I have put on sooo much weight since Good Friday. No jokes… I didn’t know it was possible to gain this much in such a short amount of time. I am officially going back on my diet tomorrow. Please be mainly water retention, please!

2 months until I turn 30. That’s rude.

My BF is going to Poland for 5 or 6 weeks, with a layover in Korea. *sigh/sad face… He leaves just after my birthday.

I have been madly saving pictures for my tattoo inspiration. I can’t draw for crap, so it’s not like I can whip something up myself. I know I definitely want that leopard print heart with the lace trim and the bow- but I want a different bow. I have also decided I will put the “B” in the centre part of the bow. As for the paw print… Well, I don’t know where to put it yet, but there must be a paw print.

So, any way… Those were my weekend Mini Moments!

Oh and good news for today... I have managed to avoid my annoying co-worker. Well, he did try and talk to me but I was saved by the phone! Yay. He asked how my weekend was, I said 'good' then the phone rang, so I didn't get his mundane rundown- like you just did about mine. hahaha/oops? I'm sorry.

He did walk by my office again and paused for a chat, but I was on hold with a bank!!! Bless you bank! For once, I am thankful for the 10 minute hold time!!!

ZOMG. Just as I was about to press publish post, I was accosted. 20 minutes of my life I will never get back. He asked me again about my weekend... Waiting for me to ask about his. All I answer is good. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR ANTIQUE SHOPPING! or that your stupid morning tea was $21... for 2 people large coffees and a piece of cake each, it's not that bad?! Honest to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The look on my face would have said it all... That, coupled with my fidgeting and sudden need to delete spam in my inbox and to put stuff away and basically re-arrange my desk. Shoot. I can't do this!!!!!! How many hints does he need. I can't feign interest much longer. 

Anyway, it's the end of the day. Finally!

Mwah! Until tomorrow!



  1. hahahaha antique shopping!
    Sounds like a full on fun weekend x

    1. haha. Actually that's a bit harsh re: antique shopping! I wouldn't really mind talking about it to the right person, but he talks about Grandfather clocks and boring stuff.

  2. Gah I also love revlon polishes!

    Looks like you had a pretty busy weekend...

    You should be excited for your birthday!

    Eh co-worker still needs to go!

    1. Umm, I got the countdown wrong re: my birthday and short-changed myself! I turn 30 in 3 months, not 2! Yay! Free month! haha. I have edited the post.

      These are my first Revlon polishes since I was a teen (aka: back in the ye olde days)... I am loving this pink one so far! It hasn't chipped at all and we're up to Day 3 now and I've been doing 'stuff'! Touché Revlon, Touché!

      I know the co-corker is driving me crazy!!! I feel a little bit bad, but he needs to get the hint and leave me alone. He cut into my lunch hour today... What's with that?!

  3. I pictured your conversation with your nephew like an episode of Offspring, with those thoughts running through your head and something else coming out. lol.

    Yey for your birthday and presents from Poland!

    1. I have no idea what to ask my BF to get me from Poland... I think he's going to be busy eating his Babcias' cooking. Sooo cute, I just like saying Babcia (pronounced Bub-cha).

      I always have inner monologues a la Nina from Offspring... With lots of silly thoughts and/or out there scenarios like she has... We all do. Right?

  4. ps. it is my goal to send your prize this week! SOOOOOO sorry!


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