Thursday, April 5, 2012

♡ Day Two of Phase Two ♡ + General Update

Thanks very muchly for the comments on my last post. I really felt like I needed somebody else to tell me to start the 2nd Phase of my diet. Haha

Funnily enough, I have lost some grammage since starting to eat more. Yay. Not much, but I was actually putting on weight before, which cements the fact I was getting myself into starvation mode which can and will cause you to hold on to weight.

I still managed to overeat crackers last night. Big Time. I probably waited too long to eat more. Dammit. Please let the cravings stop!! 

The result of me overeating crackers last night meant I have had none on me for today… And I totes forgot to pick some up on the way to work. My tummy is rumbling right now. It is practically Lunch Time though! Thank goodness!

I cannot wait for this long weekend. Seriously. My Mother is going away, which means I have the homestead to myself. Whoo to the freaking Hoo. I have some major IQ (DVR) recordings to catch up on. 

I started a free trial with QuickFlix at the end of March. It’s an online DVD rental thingie… I figured if it is free than why the fudge not?! One of my co-workers loves her subscription, and so far, so do I.

You make a Queue of DVDs you would like (movies, TV shows, etc) and you prioritise them and get sent ones from as high up on your list that is available (you also get a prepaid return envelope too). It is recommended you have at least 20 items in your Queue. I was surprised at how hard I found that to do! I also have some DVDs in my waiting Queue- ones that aren't released yet.

I managed to snag a 60 day trial, by searching online for a code. Unfortunately it has already expired but there may be more. A 14 day trial is the standard they offer on the site. I don’t really think that is enough to get an idea of whether you would actually benefit from the service though.

I had started watching the Danish series The Killing on SBS, but managed to miss what I assumed was only the first episode (so didn’t really know how the actual killing went down). I added the first DVD from the series on my Queue with QuickFlix and was sent that first. Turns out I must have missed much more than the just the first episode! I watched all 4 on the DVD one after the other and hadn’t seen any! I had missed so much!! I have added the 2nd DVD now to my Queue as well.

I am also currently watching the 2nd series on SBS at the mo'. I really like the series. Not sure if this new series compares to the first.

The other DVD I received was ‘Our Idiot Brother’ with Paul Rudd and Zooey Deschanel. I didn’t mind it, but I was sort of watching the DVD time thingie every so often, to see when it would end. Not such a great sign, is it?! This is a comedy people… And guess who cried?! Rudd has issues getting his beloved dog off his Ex… and it reminded me very much of my situation with Bender.  I could not stop crying. *sigh

I got my second set of DVD’s (I'm allowed 2 out at a time) in the mail and watched “Winter’s Bone” (starring Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games- I 100% admit to being a total bandwagon hopper-on-er-er and am even reading the books at the moment on Kindle for the iPhone!! Hahaha. Obsessed). I quite liked this movie; my mum thought it was too slow. Lawrence is great in it. It’s quite dark and a bit violent. 

The other DVD I got is the first one for the series “Diary of a Call Girl” with Billie Piper. I haven’t started it yet, but I’m interested in the series. I will endeavour to get onto it over the long weekend, mainly so I can post it back and get sent new ones ASAP. I have already sent back Winter's Bone (only watched it last night). I am, what you may call, an Eager Beaver! 



  1. I loove Diary of a call girl... it is veryyyy addictive!

    1. I still haven't watched it! Season two has started on Foxtel, so I am IQing it and hope to watch the first series this weekend.

  2. I'm absolutely loving the American version of The Killing. Have heard raves about the Danish original, so will probably watch it too. Have you seen the American one and can you compare?

    1. I haven't seen the American one... But it's on my QuickFlix list! haha.

      The Danish one is fab though... and I am not one for subtitles!


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