Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two years ago today...

It was two years ago today... A Sunday morning, before 9am... I was woken by my sister who said "You have to come see this"... I had no idea what she was on about, and was still half asleep... I was thinking of something cute... Why else would she need me to get up and see something at 9am on a Sunday if it wasn't something adorable that could lose its' adorable-ness at any moment. Like a sleeping pet in a funny position for example, or all of my pets all snuggled together, just being cute.

I had no idea what was about to happen...

I walked down the stairs, not thinking anything of the silence (it was 9am after all) and as I approached the back door, quietly excited about what could be coming, my sister uttered the last words I was expecting "Bindi's been hit by a car."

Completely shell shocked, I was. I was expecting the opposite... Something cute. Not seeing my beautiful but lifeless cat in a box in the backyard.

Crying now, so I must stop... but I will continue this tribute later tonight.
Bindi Bear
September  2006- April 2010

 Here is a mock up of my proposed tattoo... I used word of all programs. I am thinking I will put that paw that is on right in place of the diamond and that scripted B will go at the base of the heart.



  1. I feel for you so much. My beautiful cat Marie had the same fate, and I still can't get over it. x

  2. So sorry :-(

    Pets sneak straight into a very special spot in our hearts and it's so hard to deal with losing them. Hugs xxx

  3. sorry to hear that, I second Emma's words above xx

  4. Sorry to hear that. The same thing happened to my first ever pet, and I still tear up when thinking about it.
    Tattoo is gorgeous, love the bow.

  5. :( sorry to hear darling!
    that tattoo is gorgeous x

  6. Hugs to you!

    Can't wait to see how the tattoo went :)


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