Friday, April 20, 2012

My Bindi Tattoo Update!

Hey Kittens!

Sorry for my postage delay! Work has been hectic... And between that and my annoying co-workers (yes, they've multiplied) I am SOOOO ready and in desperate need for the weekend! Eugh!

Okay, so firstly, I haven't updated my Bindi Tribute blog post yet, but I will be... I want to do him justice. I was exhausted on Wednesday night at my tattoo, I couldn't complete it.

Here is the last photo taken of him.

One thing I have learnt this week, kids...

Tattoos hurt.

They hurt like a b!tch. haha.

Well, yeh I kinda knew that, but shoot I don't remember them hurting this much! I thought my inner wrist was bad, but the top of the foot. Sweet Lord!! I was doing some Lamaze breathing techniques I have learnt from various TV and movie births, some serious face winching and screwy uppy faces, and a whole lot squeezing of the thigh area to take away from the pain.

It hurt people.. And I'm no Wussy McWuss Wuss. Well, at least I didn't think I was. I put on a pretty serious brave face and think I did pretty well.

It's sooo much bigger than I originally planned... But I do love it!

Here is a progress shot!

Le Outline= Le Ouch-line more like it 

I originally wanted 4cm by 4cm... This baby is around 8 by 8 instead and took an hour and half to complete.

Turns out walking when you've had your foot tattooed is quite a task- I really didn't even think of that. Being able to wear shoes is also pretty tricky; in that, I have only one pair that I can actually wear, without substantial rubbing on my fresh ink.I can't even wear my slippers or Ugg boots!! Now that's sad.

Another thing is, it's swollen! I have not experienced swelling with any other of my tattoos... Not that I knew of at least. It was so swollen last night I had to have it elevated. As I was doing that I thought I'd google 'foot tattoo heal' to see if swelling was a common occurrence... Luckily I didn't google that before the tatt, or I may not have gotten it, at least not on my foot! Words such as "pain" "swelling" and 'prone to infection" don't sound like fun. haha. I think it's worth it though. I love the look of foot tattoos.

Here it is completed:
Oooh Ahh
You can bet your bottom dollar I have added a filter to the pic to mask the redness... This was taken just after washing the plasma and dried blood off (ewww) and applying my first coat of bepanthen.You can't really see the pretty pinkness that is the bow (due to photo editing and offsetting the red), but it is perfect. I love it. It's a really pretty rosy pink. And the 'B'?! I love it!!!!

Do you likey my tattoo?!



  1. Looks great :-) I would have chickened out I think...sounds painful!

  2. One question I can't figure come the 'B' is upside down from the heart in the first progress picture, it it's the right side up with the heart in the finished product picture?

    1. Oh hehe yeh both pics were taken from my point of view.. Looking down at my foot... But I only rotated the final pic.

      Does that make sense?

    2. I have now rotated that photo... :)

  3. Lovely tattoo :) Looks great :D

  4. thats beautiful! i love how youve done a tribute to your thoughtful :)


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