Friday, April 13, 2012

Updates: fun stuff

Hey Kittens!!

Thanks for the support re: my annoying co-worker! He is still pee’ing me off. There was a time when I was blaming the diet or my upcoming monthly lady-issues, but I’ll tell you, my attitude towards has not changed one iota. 

Latest is he got himself an iPhone… And, um, I hope this is not correct, but it feels like it was almost to either a) impress me or b) have something in common with me, aka: something to talk about. To be honest… I really don’t care. Every man and his dog has an iPhone (practically). But anyway, he is now using this as the latest excuse to come and bug me… I get barraged with questions. You’d think my ‘just google it’ as a response tactic would work. So far it hasn’t.

Yesterday, over my lunch break, I emptied the contents of my handbag onto my desk so I could do some stocktaking (hehe) and to clean it out. How does one accumulate so much junk in there??! A bazillion lip-glosses, Fifty pens, receipts, receipts and more receipts, chewy wrappers, and other indiscernible debris. I had to give her an upside down shake in the bin. That's classy.

Anyhoo, I hadn’t completed the clean-up by the time Lunch was over and my annoying co-worker came in to ask yet another question about the iPhone and how to connect it to the computer (the answer, by the way, is ‘work it out yourself’), he then started picking through the things on my desk. Hello…How rude! Hope you enjoyed picking up my cute Moxie pad tin and inspecting it! How intrusive.

He also keeps saying ‘just so you know, I’m probably going to be bugging you for months about this iPhone’… Oh my God, seriously?! They are pretty easy to use. Intuitive some might say. My Mum and Dad are both over the age of 65 and they can handle them. Have a play, some trial and error and bingo. It’s. Not. That. Hard.

Anyway, not to dwell… but…Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I put up with a lot. Just in general. I’m the person who will let a crazy old lady with 6 inch white wiry hairs growing out of her chin talk my ear off on the bus in the mornings just because I couldn't possibly be impolite and go back to listening to my iPod. (that was me yesterday morning… not the hairy chin issue, I deal with mine. Ha.) Also just the millions of issues with my sister- it all relates to my door mat nature and my I-can’t-speak-up-for-myself thing I have going on.

Anywayyyyy, on to some fun stuff!!!

One of my nephews is coming for a sleep over tonight. Is it lame that I am excited?! Haha. He’s kind of hard to get off the computer sometimes, but I like having chats with him. He’s a sensitive little soul, and my sister can be hard to talk to. In the past, he has asked me about the Birds and the Bees and Puberty (ie: what to expect)… SO CUTE. Awkward but cute! I was chuffed he trusted me to ask such questions. He has also previously told me about crushes at school and even pointed the lucky lady out to me when I picked him up from aftercare.
I have booked in for a tattoo next Wednesday after workies. That is the anniversary of the day my precious cat, Bindi, was hit and killed by a car. I am getting a heart with a leopard print background (he was leopard-y) and a paw print beside it… And also have a nice script-font “B” somewhere too. My tattooist will design it for me after I supply him with my inspiration pics. It will be on my foot.

Unfortunately that Wednesday is also my Mothers’ birthday… Luckily we are celebrating tomorrow and my bro, sis in law and niece are coming for a picnic!

My little doggy, Dino- or The Dinominator, as I like to call him… has been visiting the vet of late. I am afraid we are officially OLD. He has arthritis in his widdle legs and has to get a needle once a week for 4 weeks for pain relief, then one every 4 months thereafter. According to the Vet, aside from his arthritis, he is very healthy for a 12 year old! Go Dino!!

Here is The Dinominator after being wrapped up in his Nana blanket by my Mum… Having his morning stretch.

'Ahhhh, Good Morning!'

Over the Easter Long Weekend, I got to visit my beautiful Bender cat and also see the “Puppy”… I use the term loosely, as he is huge! And bite-y. I have the bruises to prove it. I took him for a walkies and pretty sure he was trying to rip my arm out of the socket. He needs walk-training. Badly. I feel like I need to take some control here. At my nephew’s ages, I was taking our beloved German Shepherd Gypsy for walks by myself (from 10/12 years of age), and she was classed as ‘naughty’ (we had rescued her from the streets), but Inky… He is so unbelievably strong… He needs training. Like yesterday. I am very disappointed in my sister, to be honest. I abandoned him because of her and she has clearly done next to nothing to train him to walk. No way will my Dad ever be able to walk him the way he behaves now. So, I feel like I will have to step up and say I will walk him x times a week, just so he gets a proper walk session in. He is gorgeous!!!! Lookie...

Soooo CUTE!!! Nearly 7 months old. Nawww!
Bender having a much needed cuddle! (much needed for both of us. I miss him!!!)
My Puppy War Wounds on my forearm... Pretty sure they are Love Bites, but "Ouch!" nonetheless!

Have a great weekend, Ladies and Gents!!



  1. Haha! You poor thing re: the co-worker, but I can't help but laugh! He just sounds so clueless and ANNOYING!

    Oh, exciting about the tattoo! Have you got any others? I need to get cracking and sort out another one soon. My body is asking for some more ink!

    Aww, the animals are so cute! My Mitzi is turning 15 this year. SO SCARY! Rocket on the other hand is still a bundle of energy and one and a half years old! Love them to bits.

    1. Hey Cat!!

      As a matter of fact, I do have some other tatts... I have "Missy" on my hip, and a pink skull and crossbones on my back, a butterfly with a "G" hidden in it; in memory of my German Shepherd Gypsy who passed away and also a pink diamond with "Lil Doll" under it (my mum's nickname for me). That's sounds like a lot, but it's not really.

      Pets are the best!! My co-worker, not so much! I can laugh about it when he's gone but when he's here occupying my time, oh man, I get soooo mad!! He made me miss my bus yesterday! Grrrrrr!

  2. That tattoo sounds fab. I often think about getting one for my siamese, I lost her last year after 16 years. They really touch your heart don't they!

    1. They do touch your heart. It's amazing. I lost Bindi so young. He was only 2. He was stolen away from me :(
      With my German Shepherd, Gyspy, she was older and her back legs were going... We had to put her down. I felt some comfort being able to say goodbye but I cried so hard. It's never easy. It's the worst.

  3. OOoohh my goodness! that co worker sounds soooo annoying! I dont know how you can deal with it everyday. Id probably go crazy. Gross and soo intrusive for him to touch your the heck does that?????

    Anyways...cute puppies and kitty!!!! =D <3

    1. Thanks, Veronica!

      Just because I spread the contents of my bag on my desk, it isn't an invitation to pick up everything to examine it!!

  4. I'm sorry about your little kitty (but your puppy is pretty dang cute ;) I hope your tattoo appointment goes quite well though!

    1. Thanks, Ash Louise.

      The puppy is cute! Even when he bites! I can't discipline him at all. That face and the head-cocking gets to me! haha.

  5. OMG, I can't believe you went through your things... That is a bit of an awkward moment... He's so annoying, I get annoyed just listening to your stories of him and I'm not even the one having to deal with it!

    Tattoo is nice, that'll be exciting for you :)

    1. I get annoyed talking about being annoyed by him. It's annoying! hahahaha.

      Can't wait for the tatt!


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